Mauritius Travel Guide 🇲🇺: how to organize your holiday

Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean, and it is perfect for a beach holiday. Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean, it is closer to Africa, and is considered as a part of Africa. This site is a free Mauritius trip planner. You will find everything you need to know about Mauritius to organize your vacation on the island, whether you plan for a relaxing holiday at sea or a more active one with hiking, snorkeling and surfing.

Beach holidays in Mauritius

Mauritius can offer beautiful beaches and many forms of active entertainment, it can surprise you with its cultural mix and unusual nature

Current rules for entering Mauritius

Mauritius is open for recreation for vaccinated and non-vaccinated tourists from Oct 1, 2021.

As from 1 July 2022, you no longer have to test or self-isolate to enjoy a Mauritius holiday. Full list of documents you need to prepare for entering Mauritius →

What you need to know about Mauritius: first-timers guide

  • A visa to Mauritius is not needed. Learn more about entry requirements in this article →
  • The weather in Mauritius is suitable for recreation almost all year round. When is the best time to go on vacation to Mauritius?
  • There are two official languages ​​in Mauritius: English and French. Moreover, French is more often heard than English.
  • The currency of Mauritius is the Mauritian rupee, but due to the fact that many Europeans vacation on the island, prices for transfers, rental housing and cars are often indicated in euros. In stores you can pay in euros, but at a disadvantageous exchange rate. With what currency to go to Mauritius?
  • There are no poisonous animals and snakes.
  • No special vaccinations are required to travel to Mauritius. Read more about the features of holidays in Mauritius in the article “Advice to a tourist before traveling to Mauritius
  • Traffic on the island is left-handed, but very calm. Driving a car on the island is a pleasure. Beautiful views and scenic roads. Read more about car rental in Mauritius →
  • Some of the beaches of Mauritius are protected by a coral reef from high waves, so the island is suitable for holidays with children. Here is our review of Top 5 beaches of the island →
What you need to know about holidays in Mauritius

It’s hard to believe that the color of the water in the photo is real and not photoshopped until you see it with your own eyes.

10 reasons to choose Mauritius as a holiday destination

  1. A mosaic of cultures. Mauritius is a vibrant mix of India, France, China and Africa.
  2. The Indian Ocean is the most beautiful ocean in the world with amazing underwater life.
  3. Nature. Mauritius is green mountains and blue ocean, red land and black volcanic rocks.
  4. Various recreation. Holidays in Mauritius can be completely beach, and can be 100% active with extreme hiking, diving and jumping from an airplane.
  5. See Tamarin waterfalls, which are among the top ten waterfalls in the world.
  6. See giant tortoises. Although Mauritius is not the birthplace of these turtles, it is here that they are bred for environmental projects in Africa.
  7. Try cane rum. Mauritius has a long history of rum production.
  8. Try the local cuisine. The cuisine of Mauritius is the same mix of Indian, French and Chinese cuisines with Creole cuisine. Crispy baguettes with camembert cheese side by side with spicy fish curries.
  9. See one of the best beaches in AfricaTrou aux Biches beach.
  10. See the prototypes of birds from the game “Angry birds” – these yellow, red, black, small and large birds of the island are not afraid of people at all.

What do the beaches in Mauritius look like?

The beaches in Mauritius are different in type, but mostly sandy. On some beaches there is white soft sand, on others it is yellow and with pieces of coral. In some places there is a very large coral crumb, but there are only few such beaches. Often, a shady green strip with casuarina trees is planted just behind the beach, providing a pleasant shade.

All beaches are equipped with free toilets, showers and parking. Unlike the beaches in the Seychelles, where you can’t find either parking or a toilet.

The beaches of Mauritius are not as wide as those in Turkey or Tunisia, but there are not many vacationers on the island, so you will always find a free place.

In these photos you can see what the beaches of Mauritius look like:

The best beaches of Mauritius are located on the western and northwestern coast of the island. The southwest of the island is suitable for recreational sports. Which coast of Mauritius should you choose for a holiday?

For a holiday in Mauritius, I would advise you to choose one of these beaches:

See the article for photos and a detailed description of the beaches Top 5 best beaches in Mauritius.

What is the best beach in Mauritius to relax on

In the photo: Trou aux Biches beach, one of the best on the island. There is everything for a beach holiday here: sunbeds, and a fenced area for swimming, and water activities, and snorkeling

How to go to Mauritius on your own

Organizing a trip to Mauritius on your own is easy. Here’s the step-by-step plan:

How to travel to Mauritius on your own

Mauritius Under the wing of the plane you can see one of the natural phenomena of the island – an underwater gorge. The most famous such phenomenon is the underwater waterfall at Mount Le Morne.

  1. Buy flight tickets. The price of tickets to Mauritius depends on the season. I talked about all the nuances in more detail in the following article about the flight to Mauritius →
  2. Book accommodation. The easiest way is to rent a hotel on the Booking website. Here are my 10 tips for choosing a hotel in Mauritius →
  3. Order a transfer from the airport. Transfer can be ordered at the hotel or on your own (this option comes out cheaper by 10-15 euros). I placed an order on the kiwitaxi website. The driver met me at the airport. You can also leave the airport by bus or car. I’ll tell you more about all the methods in a separate article →
  4. Hire a car. So you can travel around the island on your own and visit all the beaches and interesting places. The cheapest car prices I found on the website Localrent→
  5. Buy insurance. Insurance with COVID-19 coverage for Mauritius is required. I advise you to choose a good insurance company, for example, Visitors Coverage.
  6. Select excursions. There are many interesting places in Mauritius, and I want to see, if not all of them, then the most interesting ones for sure. Even if you drive around the island on your own, I highly recommend taking at least one boat trip. Here is a list of the top 10 island tours →

Best Mauritius itinerary: what to see and do on the island

Although Mauritius is a small island, there are enough interesting places both on land and under water. Here is a list of the most popular attractions for 7-10 days trip:

  1. Relax on beach or even try some extreme water sport like wind surfing or kite-surfing. Must visit beaches are Trou aux Bich, Flic-n-flac, Le Morne beach, Blue lagoon. The last one is the best spot for swimming with sea turtles.
  2. Get closer with island cuisine. Take a half day tour to Port Louis, the capital of the island. It is best place to start your acquaintance with the history of the island, with Mauritian cuisine and local flavor. Read more in my Port Louis Guide →
  3. Rent a car and drive around the island to see all amazing places and viewpoints where you feel like you are on the edge of the earth. Cape Gris Gris, Maconde viewpoint, Albion lighthouse is a must visit places for those who wants to feel the power of ocean. Here is a list of 25 main sights of Mauritius →
  4. Take a full day sea tour. One of the most popular option is catamaran trip to Deer island. Learn more about in this article →
  5. Try Mauritius rum. Chateau Labourdonnais is one of the best rums on the island, Labourdonnais, is produced here. But the place is interesting primarily for the spirit of the colonial era. The perfectly preserved interior seems to take you back a hundred years.
  6. Try to climb up Le Morne Brabant mountrain and see the world famous underwater waterfall. Le Morne Brabant is a UNESCO heritage mountain and it is better to take a guide for climbing. About hiking in Mauritius →
  7. Don’t miss any of this wonders of Mauritius:

There are many “hidden gems” on the island – for example, Rochester Falls, which is much loved by the locals. And next to Mauritius there are several more small islands, which can only be reached with a guided tour.

Mauritius or…

As a holiday destination, Mauritius has many competitors. Based on my experience and from the reviews of other travelers, I made a comparison of how Mauritius is better or worse than other destinations:

  • Mauritius or the Maldives? The Maldives is easier to get to and these islands are perfect for a lazy getaway. Mauritius is more diverse. In addition to a beach holiday, there are many interesting places and activities.
  • Mauritius or Seychelles? The Seychelles can offer the same variety of holidays as Mauritius. But the climate is harsher there, the heat is fierce, as are the prices for the vacation.
  • Mauritius or Reunion? The French island of Reunion is beautiful and authentic, but loses to Mauritius in the following points: the beaches are inaccessible due to sharks, and strong cyclones regularly hit Reunion. There are no sharks in Mauritius, and cyclones often bypass the island.
When is the best time to visit Mauritius? Seasons and weather by months
  • Mauritius or Thailand? Well-groomed and beautiful Mauritius will easily give odds to Phuket, the most developed resort island in Thailand. There is no such crowd on the beaches, and the traffic is more relaxed and safer. Yes, Thailand has its own atmosphere, but Mauritius managed to impress and hook me, even though I lived in Thailand for 8 years.
  • Mauritius or Bali (Indonesia)? Bali, according to descriptions and stories, seems like a paradise, but there are few usable beaches there. Also, Mauritius is protected by a coral reef, thanks to which the island has beaches for swimming without waves, as well as beaches for surfing and kite surfing.
  • Mauritius or Turkey? Yes, holidays in Turkey will be cheaper and there are “all inclusive” hotels available. But take into account the strong seasonality of the vacation – and Turkey loses to Mauritius. In addition, the sea in Turkey can by no means compare with the Indian Ocean – neither in the color of the water, nor in the richness of the underwater world.

Tourists’ reviews about vacations in Mauritius in 2024

Should I trust reviews of holidays in Mauritius on the Internet? Everyone has a different travel experience, different expectations and different vacation requirements. For example, I have visited more than 30 countries, I have been to Turkey, Egypt, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bali, and all the resorts of Thailand and Malaysia. So what?

After all this, I am delighted with the holiday I had in Mauritius! Should you go to Mauritius? Yes! This is an original and beautiful island with a variety of beaches – both for a regular beach holiday and for outdoor activities at sea. Here you can snorkel, dive, climb the peaks, and go hiking. But there are people who didn’t enjoy the island. Therefore, I collected reviews about Mauritius in a separate article, which you can read and draw your own conclusions from there. Better yet, leave your feedback in the comments.

Read more in my  in-depth review of the pros and cons of a vacation in Mauritius.

Map of beaches and sightseeing in Mauritius

I made a convenient map of Mauritius where the main beaches and attractions are marked. The map is constantly updated, so I suggest you bookmark this page for easy reference.

Vacation photos from Mauritius: leisure, beaches, nature, and attractions

Mauritius – it is snow-white beaches and emerald-colored Ocean. It is the colorful reef fish and bright red and yellow birds. It is coconut palms and blue skies over endless cane plantations.

Mauritius is a very clean, well-kept and tidy island. My friend, who was vacationing in Zanzibar, was simply delighted with Mauritius. Her response is simple: “This is not how I imagined Africa.”

Here are some of my photos from vacation in Mauritius:

What is so good about a holiday in Mauritius? Why do tourists who have visited Mauritius leave rave reviews? There are many reasons, and the turquoise ocean with white soft sand is just one of the few.

Photos from a holiday in Mauritius:

And, of course, you can’t help but show the magical sunsets of Mauritius:

The island of Mauritius has a piece of India, a piece of Africa, a little bit of China and a lot of French sophistication, fragrant baguettes, wine and noble cheeses.

Travel Tips Before Traveling to Mauritius →

Food and Alcohol in Mauritius

The cuisine of Mauritius is a mixture of European, Chinese and Indian cuisines. It is very diverse. On the island you can find food for every palate. There is street fast food, there are restaurants, there are pizzerias, there is cheap Chinese food, restaurants with spicy Indian food and cafes with fresh French baguettes.

 Top 10 must-try dishes in Mauritius →

International fast-food chains in Mauritius include McDonald’s, KFC and Subway. On the beaches you can find vans where local “fast” food is prepared – all kinds of baguettes and paninis, french fries with fish or chicken, fried rice and noodles. The food is not very healthy, but it is fast and cheap.

There are no problems with alcohol in Mauritius. The range starts with light local Phoenix beer (I advise you to try it, not a bad beer), continues with South African and French wines, and ends with local rum. For many, Mauritian rum is a real discovery. There are several rum factories on the island, where you can take a tour or visit on your own. I talk in detail about the wines and local rum on the island in this article →