TOP 5 Best Beaches with Hotels in Mauritius

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It is difficult to choose the best of the Mauritius beaches, because each of them is good in its own way. Beach vacations are one of the strengths of the island, it’s almost impossible to find a something wrong about them. I have selected the top 5 beaches of Mauritius with hotels where your vacation will fly by in no time. I myself have vacationed in hotels on 4 of the 5 beaches listed in the rating, so I know what I’m writing about.

List of the best beaches for vacations in Mauritius

What the Best Beaches for a Vacation in Mauritius Look Like and What to Expect from the Facilities

Most beaches in Mauritius are municipal, but there are also wild and hotel beaches. In fact, all of the island’s beaches are accessible to the public. Hotels cannot fence off a beach and stop tourists from coming in. But some hotels, due to their location, have beaches that are quite private. For example, Preskil Island Hotel, located on the peninsula. I did not include such beaches in the list of the best beaches of the island of Mauritius. But if you are interested in staying in such hotels, you can read the article Best Hotels for a Vacation in Mauritius.

How to choose the best hotel to stay in Mauritius

I have stayed at the Preskil 4* hotel. In the photo – the view of the hotel beach from the balcony. The beach is much bigger, and there are two swimming pools, spa, free SUP, kayaks, catamarans. Within the hotel area there are restaurants and a spa, and in general everything that a tourist might need. I never left the hotel.

Also, I didn’t include wild beaches in the list – they have no infrastructure, and often there are no hotels nearby. Therefore, it makes no sense to include wild beaches in the rating.

I have selected the 5 best municipal beaches with hotels for vacations on the island. All these beaches are regularly cleaned, have free toilets (sometimes with changing cabins and showers), parking and food trucks or cafes.

Trou aux Biches – a Beach from the TOP 10 Best Beaches in Africa

Trou aux Biches is located in the northwest of Mauritius, near the beaches of Grand Baie and Mont Choisy. This is one of the most popular beaches on the island. It attracts tourists with its white sand and developed infrastructure on the beach.

The beach itself is quite narrow – the width of the sand strip in different areas is only 3 to 10 meters – but it is long. It stretches along the coast for two kilometers. Part of this lane is occupied by hotels, but they do not disturb tourists who are not their guests. On the contrary, their staff keeps the beach clean and makes sure that the traders don’t bother the tourists too much.

Vacation on the Trou aux Biches beach - the best beach on the island

Depending on the tide, there can be a little more or a little less of the beach, like in this photo.

Close to the beach is a coral reef, which protects the coast from waves and ocean currents. In some places, the coral reef comes almost to the shore, which creates excellent conditions for snorkeling. This is also a very good place for a vacation with children – the entrance to the sea is very gentle and there are no unexpected changes in depth.

Unlike Flic-en-Flac, there are practically no corals in the sand on Trou aux Biches beach, and sea urchins are extremely rare near the coast. So, besides this being an excellent place for snorkeling, entering into the water is safe for those who just want to swim.

On the Trou Aux Biches beach palm trees almost hang over the water

Trou Aux Biches beach – my favorite beach in Mauritius

Lovers of a civilized vacation will find everything they need in Trou aux Biches. Shady places under palm trees, deckchairs with umbrellas, dozens of tents with food, drinks and souvenirs.

Another feature of Trou aux Biches that almost all tourists mention – truly fantastic sunsets.

Detailed overview of the beach →

Hotels for vacation on Trou aux Biches beach:

  • Trou aux Biches Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa 5* – a hotel on the front line with a beautiful green area and a huge swimming pool. The best on Trou Aux Biches beach. Breakfast, breakfast + dinner options are available. You can check this hotel’s room prices and view photos on Booking.
  • Le Cardinal Exclusive Resort 5* – a good hotel on the front line. You can book a room in this hotel yourself on Booking.
  • Sakoa Boutik Hotel 4* – this small and cozy hotel on the first line has an advantage compared to the previous hotels when it comes to prices. You can book a room in this hotel yourself on Booking.

Near the beach there are several good apartments, villas and hotels that offer excellent service for a less amount of money. For example, these three nice hotels are within a 5-minute walk from Trou aux Biches:

  • Voile Bleue Boutique Hotel 3* – a good hotel in the southern end of the beach. Yes, it is necessary to walk for about 5 minutes to the best part of the beach, but that’s why the price/quality ratio is excellent. Hotel’s page on Booking →
  • Mont Choisy Beach R. – I booked this aparthotel for myself. The hotel is closer to Mont Choisy beach, but it is actually between two beaches. You can also reach the Trou aux Biches after a 5-minute walk. Hotel’s page on Booking →
  • Veranda Pointe Aux Biches Hotel & Spa 4* – a spa hotel on the first line. Breakfast + dinner and all-inclusive options are available. Room prices and photos can be found on the hotel’s official page on Booking.

All hotels located on the Trou aux Biches can be found on this page.

Flic-en-Flac – Beach №1 for snorkeling

Flic-en-Flac – one of the most popular beaches on the west coast, loved by locals and visitors alike. It is the complete opposite of Grand Baie – long and spacious, but with somewhat less developed beach infrastructure.

There are places to changing booths, there are toilets and restaurants, but you can’t count on anything special in that regard. But swimming here is much more pleasant – the sea in Flic-en-Flac is very gentle and protected by a coral reef.

The beaches in Mauritius are long with soft sands

Sand on Flic-en-Flac beach – white and soft

It is said that Flic-en-Flac is the best beach in Mauritius

On Flic-en-Flac, as well as on many other beaches in Mauritius, there is a shady strip of trees next to the beach where you can hide from the hot sun.

Shady trees on Flic-en-Flac beach in Mauritius

The beach is perfect for long walks along the coast, and is especially attractive at sunset, when the setting sun colors the sand with all the shades of molten gold.

Flic-en-Flac beach at sunset - one of the best beaches in Mauritius

The only serious minus of Flic-en-Flac, compared to other beaches, is that sea urchins are often found here. It is better not to go into the sea without special shoes – or you have to carefully watch where you step. Fortunately, the water here is clear and transparent, so you can clearly see the bottom.

In-depth review of the Flic-en-Flac beach →

Good Flic-en-Flac beach hotels:

Flic-en-Flac has dozens of hotels and apartments of various classes, many of which have earned high ratings from tourists. In some hotels you can buy a tour, and some hotels are only for independent recreation.

  • L’Ocean Tourist Residence – located a bit far from the sea but it offers an excellent quality/price ratio. If you drive a car, it’s a great option. Hotel room prices →
  • Residence Barbera Apartments – apartments with a gorgeous sea view from the terrace. Free private parking. You can walk to the beach. Apartment prices →
  • Résidence Padma – affordable hotel with free Wi-Fi and parking. Very good reviews. Room prices →

10 tips on how to choose a hotel for a vacation on the island of Mauritius

Mont Choisy – Beach for a Peaceful Vacation

Mont Choisy is located a little further north than Trou aux Biches and it is even longer than Trou aux Biches – it is 3 whole kilometers long. Like Trou aux Biches, it is equipped with all the necessary treasures of civilization. There are slightly fewer tourists on it, especially on weekdays, so it is very quiet and provides more opportunities for relaxation. The beach of Mont Choisy is especially popular with locals who come to the beach on weekends with their families.

Sunbeds on Mont Choisy beach

Sunbeds on Mont Choisy beach

The coral reef near the coast is far from ubiquitous and does not fully protect the beach from the open ocean. There is no snorkeling on this beach, but this can hardly be called a disadvantage – tourists have a lot of opportunities for water sports. Near the beach there is an organized soccer field, aerobics fields and running tracks.

Water on Mont Choisy beach is transparent and very beautiful

Water on Mont Choisy beach is transparent and very beautiful

Mont Choisy’s postcard – the lush thickets of casuarina, conifers whose branches with soft thorns resemble cassowary feathers. The only drawback of such environment are the casuarina cones, which are sometimes found in the sand of Mont Choisy beach. But the beach is constantly cleaned, and besides that, the edges of this tree’s cones are very small and the maximum danger when stepping on one, without your shoes on, is an unpleasant feeling.

Mont Choisy beach in the ranking of the best beaches in Mauritius

More photos of Mont Choisy beach can be found in this article →


  • Coral Azur Beach Resort 3* – hotel in the front row. You can book this hotel on your own on Booking or buy a tour with breakfast included.
  • Tarisa Resort & Spa 3* – another good hotel in the front row on Mont Choisy. This hotel can be found on Booking (here is the official webpage). There is a breakfast + dinner option.
  • Mystik Life Style Hotel 3* – This is an adults only hotel. Front line. Swimming pool. Good reviews and location. You can book this hotel on your own on Booking.
  • Choisy Les Bains 4* – the big four on Mont Choisy. You can book this hotel on your own on Booking.

Good cheap apart-hotels and villas on Mont Choisy beach:

  • Mont Choisy Beach R. – I booked this aparthotel for myself and was very satisfied. First line, beautiful green area. The hotel is closer to Mont Choisy beach but is actually located between Mont Choisy and Trou aux Biches. The hotel has a swimming pool, and you can take a room with breakfast. Trou aux Biches is a 7-minute walk away. The hotel has a park, and there is a bus stop in front of the hotel. This This hotel’s page on Booking →
  • Le Mandala Moris – aparthotel located closer to Grand Baie. Beautiful rooms, swimming pool, great view. Great ratings. Hotel’s page on Booking →

Grand Baie – the busiest beach on the island

Grand Baie beach can be called not only a public beach, but also an urban one – it is located in the heart of the Grand Baie resort. Grand Baie beach is small, but the water is such a color that it causes a storm of emotions.

  • The main disadvantage of this beach – the pier. There are many motorboats, catamarans and other water transport, but there is also an enclosed area for swimming.
  • The main advantage of Grand Baie – a lot of entertainment, from sea tours and massages to night clubs and bars.
  • Another plus – next to Grand Baie, within walking distance, there are several small but good sandy beaches: Pereybere, La Cuvette, Hibiscus.

There are dozens of tourist attractions within walking distance of Grand Baie. Here you can eat a delicious meal in one of the many local cafes and restaurants, have a drink in a pub or lounge bar and spend an evening or night in a disco. There are great places for shopping here: in local shopping centers and shops you can buy almost everything, from Mauritian souvenirs to elite drinks and jewelry.

Grand Baie - northern coast of Mauritius

Also, catamarans depart from Grand Baie beach to neighboring Gabriel Island, which is one of the best snorkeling spots in all of Mauritius. I wrote about what else to do in Mauritius in this article →

Here you can find my in-depth review of Grand Baie beach. In the article you can find more photos and tips on things to do in Grand Baie.


  • Mauricia Beachcomber 4* – hotel in a very convenient location, on the side of the main beach, with its own small, comfortable and beautiful beach with sunbeds and green palm trees. All attractions of Grand Baie are within a walking distance, and at the same time there are no crowds and no noise. I recommend this hotel. I really liked it! You can book a room in this hotel yourself on Booking.
  • Canonnier Beachcomber 4* – this hotel is located on the edge of the cape and is the furthest of all the hotels from the center of Grand Baie and the closest to Mont Choisy beach. But this hotel has its own sandy beach, a very nice green area and a coral reef for snorkeling. You can book a room in this hotel yourself on Booking.
  • Veranda Grand Baie Hotel & Spa 3* – three-star hotel on a good location (next to Mauricia Beachcomber 4*) and with its own small beach. Official page of the hotel on Booking.
  • Royal Palm 5* – five-star hotel on the front line behind La Cuvette beach. Reviews of the hotel are excellent; it is one of the best places to stay. But you should know that the center of Grand Baie is about 15-minute walk away. You can book a room on your own on Booking.

Le Morne – all kinds of surfing, all-inclusive and much more

Le Morne beach is located on the west coast in one of the most picturesque parts of Mauritius – on the Le Morne Peninsula at the foot of the Le Morne Brabant mountain. In addition to the organized public beach on the peninsula, there are also many smaller beaches that are conditionally connected to hotels in this part of the coast. You can relax on any of them – there are no private beaches on the island, and the cleanliness of the public ones is carefully monitored.

Le Morne beach in Mauritius - one of the best beaches on the island

Le Morne beach – The most important place on the island for those who practice water sports, especially those sports that need the wind: sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Here you will find many places to rent relevant inventory. On Le Morne you can hire a personal instructor or sign up for general lessons.

Le Morne beach - the best on the southwest coast of Mauritius

Kite surfers on Le Morne beach

Le Morne attracts not only amateurs, but also professionals – competitions are held here from time to time, which can be good fun even for those who will not try to fly a kite.

Detailed overview of Le Morne beach →

Le Morne peninsula vacation hotels are some of the best hotels on the entire island. They are located in the front row, and each has a direct access to the beach. Choose any of these hotels – you won’t regret it:

  • Regis Mauritius Resort 5*. This hotel’s page on Booking.
  • RIU Creole 4*. Good four-star hotel, with “all inclusive” system. This hotel’s page on Booking.
  • LUX* Le Morne Resort 5*. This hotel’s page on Booking.
  • Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa 5*. This hotel’s page on Booking.
  • Beachcomber Dinarobin Hotel Golf & Spa 5*. This hotel’s page on Booking.

You can find reviews of other beaches in Mauritius in this section of the website.

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