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Hello! My name is Tetiana, and I am glad to see you on this site. For more than 12 years I have been traveling and creating travel guides to different countries. I visited Mauritius in 2018 first time. After spending two months on the island, I decided to create this guide.

The main goal of the Top10Mauritius.com website is to help you prepare for your trip and get the most out of your holiday in Mauritius. I talk about popular, unusual, tasty and little-known places on the paradise island of Mauritius. I personally visited all the places and excursions described on this site. Photos and texts are also taken and written by me. I update articles regularly to keep them up to date.

Who is behind the top10mauritius.com travel guide?

The Top10Mauritius.com project was created in 2019. Who is behind the project:

  • Tetiana Sh. is founder of top10mauritius.com. I’m editor-in-chief and author of all articles and photos on this site. I visited 40 countries, wrote 7 detailed guides to my favorite destinations. Why only 7? Because I adhere to the principle “good things come in small packages.” I’m an author and founder of the most beautiful guide to Montenegro 🇲🇪 Also last year my photos of Montenegro and Thailand (yes, I made a travel guide to Thailand also) were published in travel magazine, book and used by Montenegro Travel Organization of Piva region. I’m honestly proud of myself 🙂
  • Marija K. – editor and traveller. Marija is responsible for connection with travel organizations and managing translations of this web site. She is the person who pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and work on translations.

I hope you’ll forgive any errors or awkward phrasing, as I am not a native English speaker.

Creating quality travel guides is a never-ending process. Something is constantly changing: from visa rules to new attractions. Keeping travelguides up to date is a lot of work. That’s why I don’t spread myself thin and write only about those places that really resonated with me.

What makes the information on this site credible

I take the accuracy of the information in my guidebooks seriously. Guide to Mauritius Top10Mauritius.com is no exception. In addition to personal experience, I use various sources to verify the information we collect:

  1. When an article provides historical or statistical information, we use official data or data from Wikipedia.
  2. When opening hours and prices are indicated in establishments or museums, we use the official websites.
  3. When we talk about places or excursions worth visiting in Mauritius, we rely on personal experience and reviews of other travelers.
  4. The photos that illustrate the articles were taken by me, Tetiana. Photography is one of my hobbies. All photos on the site, marked with the signature “top10mauritius.com” or “mautitius-tours.ru” (the old name of the site) are copyright, made by me in Mauritius.
  5. The hotel recommendations are based on my personal experience, ratings and reviews from legitimate Booking.com users.


To contact me, write to info@top10mauritius.com or direct on instagram.

How to support the project

I’ve created Mauritius travel guide on my own without any sponsors. You can use information on top10mauritius.com to get ready for trip and during your trip for free. Keep in mind that due to copyrights it is forbidden to use photos or textes posted on top10mauritius.com on other websites or social networks.

You can support the project via Patreon.com: https://patreon.com/tetianashemiakina

I wish you an unforgettable holiday in Mauritius!