10 Tips for Finding the Best Accommodation for Your Holiday in Mauritius

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There are many different types of holiday accommodation in Mauritius. I want to share my experience and not only talk about the features of local hotels and inns, but also give 10 tips on how not to miscalculate and find the best hotel for a holiday in Mauritius.

Vacation on Le Morne beach in Mauritius

This article is aimed primarily at independent tourists. Which beach on the island to choose for relaxation, I already showed in this article. But I’ll briefly go over the main areas:

There is more private housing on the beaches of Grand Bay and Flic-en-Flac, there are more hotels on Le Morne and Trou aux Biches.

💡 Before booking a hotel, check the seasonal offers on Booking.com

10 tips on how not to miscalculate with accommodation and find the best hotel in Mauritius

I have vacationed in Mauritius in an apartment in a villa, in an apart-hotel, in a 4 * hotel and lived in a villa. Here are my tips:

  1. Book hotels through Booking com. I think this site needs no introduction, but still: this is the largest and most reliable hotel aggregator. It contains thousands of accommodation options in all the countries of the world. I book hotels on Booking 9 times out of 10. In addition, on Booking.com you can find accommodation without prepayment and with free cancellation.
    Booking has its own loyalty system for regular Genius customers. Depending on the number of hotels booked through Booking, a discount or additional options. This, by the way, is another reason why I use this particular site. Go to the site →
  2. If you don’t want to worry about anything, choose a 4 * or 5 * hotel. There will be everything you need and even more. You won’t even want to leave the territory of such a hotel.
How to choose the best hotel to stay in Mauritius

I’ve stayed at Preskil island resort 4*. In the photo – a view from the balcony to the beach of the hotel. The beach is much larger, and there are also two pools, a spa, free SUP, kayaks, catamarans. On the territory of the hotel there are restaurants and a spa, and in general everything that a vacationer may need. I never left the hotel.

  1. For 1-2 weeks of rest, it is easier to book a hotel with breakfast or an apart-hotel with a kitchen. Booking has a large selection with such accommodation.
  2. If you like outdoor activities, then I advise you to pay attention to hotels in the 2nd and 3rd lines. They are cheaper, and for the price difference you can rent a car and travel around the island. Where and how to do it, I show in this article →
  3. If you are flying to Mauritius with a child and you need to cook food, then you can find on Booking some excellent apartments with a kitchen. For example, I rented such an apartment with a huge terrace and sea views of the Flic-en-Flac beach.
  1. If you are going to rest in Mauritius for a couple of weeks, then it is better to look for accommodation in Booking in advance. I booked a hotel for myself six months in advance, and already a decent part of the housing was occupied.
  2. If you are going to Mauritius in December-January or during the summer months, be sure to book in advance. These months are traditionally high season. More about the holiday seasons on the island →
  3. Choose hotels / apartments with a rating of at least 8 on Booking. In my experience, such hotels are really good and without any unpleasant surprises.
  4. Always read recent reviews – a hotel may look good in a photo, but the photos may be five years old. This will definitely be noted in the reviews.
  5. If you want to save money, then look for a room in the villa. Usually, the villas have a common kitchen, hall, swimming pool and parking. And the bathroom is private for each guest.
Features of renting apartments in Mauritius. After I booked the apartment on Flic-en-Flac, the hostess contacted me and asked me to make an advance payment through Paypal. I encountered this for the first time, so I immediately wrote to Booking support to see if this was normal. Booking replied that this is a common practice for rental housing in Mauritius.

Rental housing in Mauritius for 1-2 months

If you are going for a month or two, then it makes sense to search on the spot. True, my experience is that finding housing is not so easy. Agencies are engaged in renting only from a year on. I drove around the area (Flic-en-Flac beach) and called the phones that were displayed on the fences of the villas. Many were already occupied or partially booked for the desired dates. As a result, I booked a townhouse through Airbnb for 1.5 months.

In any case, I advise you to book a hotel at least 3-4 days in advance, while you look for accommodation on the spot. In addition, passport control at the airport can check your address in Mauritius. Therefore, it is good to have a paid booking from Booking in English or French.

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