7 reasons why Trou aux Biches is the best beach in Mauritius

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Trou aux Biches in Mauritius has been ranked among the best beaches in Africa several times, not to mention top beaches in Mauritius! This is one of the most “postcard” beaches of the island, equally loved by both locals and visitors. It can be considered the golden mean between the party Grand Bay beach and semi-desert Mont Choisy. Why hide it, Trou aux Biches – is my favorite beach for holidays in Mauritius.

Trou aux Biches Beach in Mauritius

7 reasons why Trou aux Biches Beach is the best for a beach holiday in Mauritius

  1. Beach holidays. A long and very picturesque beach with a gentle entrance and soft sand.
  2. Infrastructure. Trou aux Biches, although inferior in development to Grand Bay, there are small shops, restaurants, tour agencies with excursions, a post office, an ATM and stops for public transport. And on Trou aux Biches there are even 2 beach clubs. Even if you stay in a 3 * hotel, the beach club compensates for all the shortcomings of an inexpensive hotel.
  3. Beach entertainment. There is a rental of kayaks, catamarans, glass-bottom boat trips.
  4. Lots of housing. Trou aux Biches offers a choice of 5 * hotels on the first line, as well as 4 * and 3 * hotels across the road from the sea. At the same time, the price / quality of hotels on the beach compares favorably with what, for example, Flic-en-Flac beach offers.
  5. Location. Trou aux Biches is located just 7 km from the most developed tourist area of ​​the island – Grand Bay. This means that you can quickly and easily get to Grand Bay by bus, taxi or rented taxi. At the same time, Trou aux Biches beach is cozier and more comfortable.
  6. Snorkeling. Trou aux Biches beach combines clean bottom areas without corals for swimming and a coral reef for snorkeling. Sea turtles live near Trou aux Biches beach.
  7. Sunsets. This beach is said to have some of the best sunsets on the island.

Trou aux Biches beach: where it is located, description and photos

Trou aux Biches beach is located in the north of Mauritius, between Mont Choisy beach and Pointe aux Piments resort. It stretches along the coast in a narrow strip of white sand and palm trees. In some places, the width of the beach does not exceed 3 m, and palm leaves hang directly above the water.

Beach holidays in Mauritius

This shot of Trou aux beach I made from the sea

However, due to its two-kilometer length, the beach is rarely crowded, even on weekends, unlike Pereybere beach, which on weekends or holidays is simply crowded with locals.

Trou aux Biches Beach in Mauritius

Trou aux Biches is a densely built-up area with hotels and apartments for almost the entire length, so it can sometimes be difficult to get to the water from the road. In the freer part of the beach, local residents organized a boat dock. The movement of boats does not interfere with bathers in any way: the swimming area is fenced with buoys.

Leisure on Trou aux Biches beach in Mauritius

The coastal waters of Trou aux Biches are protected by a coral reef, which not only shelters the beach from waves and underwater currents, but also creates excellent conditions for snorkeling. It was on this beach that I saw the most sea stars, moray eels and turtles. What can we say about ordinary reef fish, which are more numerous here than anywhere else.

At the very entrance to the beach (in its northern part) it is better not to be located: here some time ago they tried to build a large restaurant, and this had a negative impact on the cleanliness and well-being of this part of Trou aux Biches. Now the situation is getting better, but it’s still better to move further inland.

Best beach in Mauritius - Trou aux Biches

Souvenir seller walking along the beach

Good hotels to stay on Trou aux Biches Beach

There is a wide variety of hotels around Trou aux Biches, and for the most part they belong to the middle and upper middle class, offering good conditions for the corresponding money:

  • Veranda Pointe Aux Biches Hotel & Spa 4 * – spa hotel on the first line. Hotel photos and room prices at Booking.
  • Trou aux Biches Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa 5 * – a hotel on the first line with a beautiful green area and a huge swimming pool. The best on the Trou aux Biches beach. Hotel photos and room rates at Booking.
  • Le Cardinal Exclusive Resort 5 * is a good hotel on the first line. Hotel photos and room prices at Booking.
  • Sakoa Boutik Hotel 4 * – a small cozy hotel on the first line compares favorably with previous hotels in price. Hotel photos and room rates at Booking.

Near the beach there are several good apartments, villas, and hotels that offer great service for less money. For example, these two good hotels are a 5-minute walk from Trou aux Biches:

  • Voile Bleue Boutique Hotel 3 * – a good hotel at the southern end of the beach. Yes, you need to walk 5 minutes to the best part of the beach, but the price / quality ratio is top. Hotel page on Booking →
  • Mon Choisy Beach R. – I booked this apart-hotel for myself. The hotel is closer to Mont Choisy beach, but in fact it is between the two beaches. Trou aux Biches is a 5-minute walk. Hotel page on Booking →

All hotels that are on Trou aux Biches are collected on this page.

Trou aux Biches beach hotels

Hotel grounds of the Trou aux Biches Beachcomber is very green and beautiful. Trou aux Biches Beachcomber is the most beautiful hotel on the beach.

Resort Infrastructure

Of the free amenities on Trou aux Biches, there is parking, toilets (very clean, but without toilet paper), showers and changing cabins. Local hotels put dozens of sun loungers and umbrellas ashore, but you can use them only for money.

Two beach clubs have opened their doors on Trou aux Biches for lovers of luxury holidays: Sakoa and La Plage Beach Club. Here you can not only eat and relax with music, but also sign up for a massage.

There are also several restaurants and cafes within Trou aux Biches.

  • Tourists speak especially well of the Asian eatery Kwan Peng Snack Bar located opposite the entrance to the beach. Not only is it one of the top ten restaurants in the Pamplemousses region of Mauritius, but it is also the cheapest of these establishments.
  • Another popular restaurant is La Voglia Matta. It specializes in Italian cuisine and is known for serving the largest pizza on the island.
  • If you prefer takeaway or fast food, then any of the dozens of mobile tents with drinks and food is at your service, and here you can find both local traditional dishes and familiar international fast food.
Fast food on the Trou aux Biches beach in Mauritius

Directly on the beach is the diving club Diving Spirit. If something in it does not suit you, then you can contact one of the similar clubs within the city of Trou aux Biches itself.

Excursions worth visiting on Trou aux Biches Beach

Due to its proximity to Grand Baie, Trou aux Biches beach can offer all the activities of Grand Baie (diving, seabed walk, underwater scooter ride, submarine dive, fishing) and even a little more – snorkeling right from the shore.

I advise you to definitely visit 3 excursions:

  1. Sightseeing tour of Mauritius. Right now, a tour with the best reviews is Instagram tour of Mauritius.
  2. Underwater excursion. There are 3 types of underwater excursions in Mauritius that do not require a diving certificate. These are walk along the seabed, underwater scooters and diving in a bathyscaphe. Most often, tourists choose to walk along the seabed, but if you have the opportunity, it is better to take a dive on a bathyscaphe.
  3. Boat trip on a catamaran to the neighboring islands. Excursions to the neighboring islands – Serpent Island, Gabriel Island, Flat Island and Round Island are in particular demand. Such trips usually include snorkeling and lunch, personally prepared by the crew of the vessel. A detailed Description of excursions can be read on this site (you can also order there). Also you can find my review and photo after my personal visit to the tour in this article.
Sea holidays on a catamaran in Mauritius

A trip on a catamaran is one of the most popular sea activities in Mauritius

What to do on Trou aux Biches

There are a lot of interesting places in Mauritius that I talk about in a separate article. In this article, I made an interactive map of the island with pins of beaches and attractions.

I recommend renting a car and driving around the island on your own. It is the best way to see all the hidden treasures of Mauritius.

For my vacation, I booked a car online on the Localrent website. The site offers cars only from Mauritian rentals. I used this site in other countries – Cyprus, Thailand, Montenegro, so I trust it. But if you are used to renting a car from international car rentals Sixt, Avis, Europcap, etc., then they are all on the economybookings.com website. I shared my experience about renting a car in Mauritius in the detailed article →

Among the popular beaches of Mauritius, Trou aux Biches is one of the most suitable for snorkeling. Coastal waters are simply teeming with living creatures, and you don’t even need to sail on a boat across the reef to meet them. You can dive right from the shore. I snorkeled for hours.

Snorkeling at Trou aux Biches

A coral reef begins very close to the shore. But unlike Flic-en-Flac beach, Trou aux Biches has a sandy bottom, and it is safe to enter the water.

Also, because of how accessible the underwater life is here, Trou aux Biches has proven to be one of the best places to swim with dolphins and turtles. You can easily find a tour organizer in Trou aux Biches who will arrange such a pastime for you.

Active marine entertainment Trou aux Biches is not much different from those on other beaches in Mauritius. You can rent catamarans, kayaks, stand-up surfs, parasailing, windsurfing, glass-bottom boat trips, jet skis.

Things to do on Trou aux Biches Beach

Cons of Trou aux Biches beach: what you might not like

The main disadvantage of Trou aux Biches is how densely it is divided between hotels and apartments. Despite the fact that the beach remains public, in some places it is completely occupied by sun loungers, which are so crowded that they make it difficult to sit with your own beach mat.

Like many other beaches in Mauritius, it gets very crowded on weekends and holidays due to the influx of locals. On Trou aux Biches, however, this deficiency is much less pronounced than on Grand Baie or Pereybere. But parking on weekends is a problem.

Another negative side of Trou aux Biches is that the conditions for swimming are not good along its entire length. The movement of jet skis has a particularly negative effect. If you’re planning on snorkeling, it’s best to stay away from them.

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