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I ​​already talked about Mont Choisy beach in an article about the best beaches of Mauritius, but it deserves to be examined in more detail. Mont Choisy is considered the longest beach on the island and is perfect for those who prefer a relaxing holiday away from the crowds. It is also known as one of the best beaches for photos and it is for a good reason. The lagoon of Mont Choisy, bordered by white coral sand and lush vegetation, is very picturesque.

Vacation on Mont Choisy Beach in Mauritius

Where is Mont Choisy Beach in Mauritius?

Mont Choisy is located in the northwest of Mauritius, in the Pamplemousses area nearby to Grand Baie. Here is the point on the map. On one side it almost adjoins the best beach of the island Trou aux Biches, on the other – Pointe aux Canonniers. Mont Choisy stretches for 2.5-3 km along the bow of the coast, so it is perfectly visible from all sides.

The vegetation surrounding Mont Choisy is especially dense compared to other beaches in Mauritius, so there will be no shortage of shade. Palm and casuarina trees predominate among the planted trees, and their thickets are up to the title of a forest belt.

Holidays on Mont Choisy beach in Mauritius

Casuarina hangs over the sand, creating a pleasant shade

The sandy space between the tree line and the water’s edge, which makes up the main part of the beach, is rather narrow. In recent years, sea levels have been rising, capturing more and more meters of land. If you are planning a trip to Mauritius, you should hurry up, otherwise you risk missing the chance to visit one of the best beaches on the island – it can simply be washed away.

Here are some photos of Mont Choisy beach that I made during my holiday:

At the left end of Mont Choisy you will see a small accumulation of stones in the water and on the shore. But climbing to the stones is completely optional: the beach is long, and you will already find enough free space on it.

Mont Choisy beach in the ranking of the best beaches in Mauritius

Despite the reputation of Mont Choisy as a “remote” beach, getting from here to neighboring beaches and moving around the island will not be difficult. Near the entrance to the beach there is a bus stop and free parking. I talk about public transport in Mauritius in this article.

True, if you want to rent a car, then the nearest rental will be either on the Grand Bay beach or on True aux Bish. For my vacation, I booked a car online on the Localrent website. The site offers cars only from Mauritian rentals. I used this site in other countries – Cyprus, Thailand, Montenegro, so I trust it. But if you are used to renting a car from international car rentals Sixt, Avis, Europcap, etc., then they are all on the economybookings.com website. I shared my experience about renting a car in Mauritius in the detailed article →

Monument to the First Flight on the beach at Mont Choisy, Mauritius You are unlikely to miss the entrance to the beach itself – next to it there is a monument dedicated to the first air flight between the islands of Mauritius and Reunion. This flight was made as part of a competition between Mauritian and French pilots and took place at dawn of the development of aviation – in 1933.

Well-reviewed holiday hotels on Mont Choisy beach

There are no hotels directly at the edge of the sea on Mont Choisy, but a little further there are some very decent mid-range hotels. The most popular of them are:

  • Coral Azur Beach Resort 3 * – the hotel is located in the first line. You can book this hotel on your own on Booking
  • Tarisa Resort & Spa 3 * – another good hotel in the first line of Mont Choisy beach. This hotel is on Booking.com.
  • Mystik Life Style Hotel 3 * – an adult-only hotel. First line. Swimming pool. Good reviews and location. You can book on your own on Booking.
  • Choisy Les Bains 4* – a great four on Mont Choisy. The hotel can be booked on your own at Booking.com.

Good budget apart-hotels and villas on Mont Choisy beach:

  • Mon Choisy Beach R. – I booked this apart-hotel for myself and was very satisfied. First line, beautiful green area. The hotel is closer to the Mont Choisy beach, but in fact it is between the beaches of Mont Choisy and Trou aux Biches. The hotel has a swimming pool, you can take a room with breakfast. Trou aux Biches is a 7-minute walk. The hotel has a park and there is a bus stop in front of the hotel. Booking hotel page →
  • Le Mandala Moris – this apart-hotel is located closer to Grand Bay. Nice rooms, pool, view. Excellent reviews. Booking hotel page →

Review of the Mont Choisy beach

I chose Mont Choisy for my Mauritius holiday because it is conveniently located between Grand Baie and Trou aux Biches, the latter being more interesting to me. Mont Choisy is quiet and peaceful unlike Grand Bay and not as expensive as Trou oc Biches. And at the same time, from here you can quickly and conveniently get to any of these beaches.

Mont Choisy beach, despite the apparent desert, is provided with all the amenities. There is a public toilet and shower, free parking, you can rent sun loungers. The beach is regularly cleaned, and the Coast Guard is constantly on duty.

There are no large cafes and restaurants near the beach, but there are several theme eateries (for example, serving curry or noodles). Vacationers are especially positive about Chez Hans and Stephanie’s. Along the beach there are many wagons with street food, fruits and drinks.

Food to try in Mauritius

Bought some fried rice and veggie samossa on the beach of Mont Choisy.  What to try from food in Mauritius?

There are not many tourist attractions around Mont Choisy, but there are enough water entertainment equipment distributors. Beach guests who used their services were very satisfied with the quality of equipment and the level of instruction.

What to do on Mont Choisy?

Mont Choisy is an excellent beach for sports lovers, and not only for water sports. There are sports facilities for beach volleyball and football, and nearby, the recently opened 18-hole Mont Choisy Le Golf course boasts impeccable landscaping with volcanic rock inclusions.

Top 5 excursions worth visiting in Mauritius →

At the northern tip of Mont Choisy there is a riding club where you can not only get lessons from professionals in your field, but also book a horseback tour of the surroundings, accompanied by an instructor.

The beach is not very suitable for snorkeling, but here you can have a variety of boats for rent, parasailing, water skiing, windsurfing.

Cons of Mont Choisy

The disadvantages of Mont Choisy are mostly a matter of taste. If you like calm beaches, that are not crowded, then this is your choice. If you want to be closer to the thick of things, then it is better to choose Grand Bay, Pereybere or Trou aux Biches.

It is also worth bearing in mind that on weekends and holidays, hundreds of locals flock to Mont Choisy. However, due to the length of the beach, even this does not make it crowded.

Another small minus are the cones of the casuarina trees. They are not too large but deliver discomfort if stepped on with bare feet. It makes sense to walk on the sand in beach shoes.

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