Pereybere Beach overview – the best beach for families with children in Mauritius

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Unlike Grand Baie and Flic en Flac, Pereybere Beach is not on my list of the best beaches in Mauritius. This happened only because there were only five places at the top, and more impressive candidates were found. But that does not mean that Pereybere is bad. On the contrary! It harmoniously combines the famous cleanliness of Mauritius beaches and developed infrastructure.

5 reasons to choose Pereybere Beach for your vacation in Mauritius

The main feature of Pereybere Beach is that it is ideal for vacationing with children, because it is one of the safest beaches in Mauritius. This does not mean that Pereybere is exclusively a family beach. The village located near the beach is suitable for a relaxing and comfortable stay due to its developed infrastructure and proximity to the beaches Grand Baie, La Cuvette, Bain Boeuf.

  1. Ideal beach for a vacation with children. Mauritians themselves love to relax on this beach with their families. I will talk about this in a separate section below. It is important that, unlike, for example, Flic en Flac Beach, the fine velvety sand of Pereybere has almost no coral fragments and poisonous marine life (for example, sea urchins) are rare and far from the shore.
  2. There are no big waves here. The increase in depth is very smooth, and the swimming area isfenced with buoys separating it from boats, catamarans and other active entertainment.
  3. Developed infrastructure. There are shops and restaurants, bus stops.
  4. Various housing – you can stay in a hotel or a villa on the first line or in a townhouse with its own kitchen across the road from the beach.
  5. Sea fun. The beach offerskayak and SUP rentals, glass bottom boat trips, parasailing. There are many diving centers in this area, too.
Pereybere Beach is great for vacationing with kids

What are the alternatives to Pereybere Beach?

  • On the northwest coast- Mon Choisy Beach. It is longer and more desolate. If you like a more secluded vacation, then I advise you to take a closer look of Mon Choisy. The infrastructure there is not so well developed, but one of the best beaches in Mauritius – Trou aux Biches – is only two bus stops away. And if you drive a car, then Mont Choisy is generally an ideal option. I have shared my experience of renting a car on the island in this article.
  • Tamarin Bay. Beautiful sandy beach, shops, lots of apartments. This area is also good for family vacations. But in January, February and March there can be more rain than Pereyber Beach. In this article I talked more about the weather in Mauritius.
  • In the southeast of the island – Blue Bay Beach. I talked about this area in more detail in a separate article.

Overview of Pereybere beach with photos

Pereybere Beach is located in the north of Mauritius (on the map), between Grand Baie and Cap Malheureux. This is a very small beach, about 150 meters long and almost as wide. Like many of the island’s beaches, it is surrounded by casuarina and palm trees, providing shade if you don’t want to rent a parasol.

Vacation on Pereybere Beach in Mauritius. Prices, hotels, entertainment

Pereybere can be roughly divided into three areas:

  • Catamarans, boats, kayaks and SUP surfboards are rented on the right. To the right there are rocks.
  • In the center there is a swimming area surrounded by buoys, where most tourists swim. This sandy part is ideal for swimming with children.
  • Left – part of the sea and beach reserved for water sports and noisy activities (e.g., kayaking, parasailing or windsurfing).
Pereybere beach in Mauritius

Right side of the beach

Overview of Pereybere Beach in Mauritius

Left side of the beach

If you go further to the right, outside the official beach boundaries, you will come across a shallow bay with a strip of white sand surrounded by rocks. Honestly, this is my favorite part of Pereybere Beach. There are no usual beach commodities in this part of the beach, and that is why not many tourists go there.

Between the rocks on the shore, seawater accumulates in large pools, where you can safely watch fish, shells, starfish and urchins. If your children are too young for diving, this can be a great opportunity to introduce them to the underwater world of Mauritius in a comfortable environment.

In the photos above, Pereybere Beach looks like it has no shade at all. But in front of the sandy part of the beach there is a small shady park with trees.

Pereybere Beach in Mauritius

In front of the sandy beach there is a part with solid ground. There are often locals who spread their mats directly on the ground or bring deckchairs with them.

Hotels for vacationing on Pereybere beach

Pereybere is surrounded by dozens of small hotels, guesthouses and apartments. Basically, this is a cheap case, no frills, but comfortable. If you want something more upscale, then you can stay at one of the Grand Baie hotels, from where it won’t be difficult to get to Pereybere. For relaxation people usually choose the quieter and more comfortable beach of Pereybere, and for nightlife they go to the neighboring Grand Baie.

Hotels for an independent vacation:

Infrastructure of Pereybere Beach and nearby village

Pereybere Beach offers tourists all the basic advantages of civilization – showers, changing rooms, public toilets. But parasols and sunbeds have to be rented, and here they are quite expensive and almost always in short supply. According to reviews, it is better to come to the beach early – ideally before eight o’clock – and take places under the trees.

Overview of Pereibere Beach in Mauritius

This is what a vacation on Pereibere Beach looks like

Pereybere Beach has a cafe, but there are even more street food stalls. It is especially recommended to try the local delicacy – pineapple in vinegar with chili peppers. Here it is cooked delicious like nowhere else in Mauritius.

💡 Note: in the Grill & Chill restaurant (on the map) you can try one of the local delicacies – Camarena prawns. This dish is on the list of 10 Mauritian dishes that should not be missed.

Pereybere has a road and a designated parking space, but it can be difficult to find a free space to park, especially on weekends when the locals come here to relax. In the parking lot there is also a big bus with street food: burgers, noodles, rice.

Near the beach there is a large grocery store called Winners, where you can buy fresh baguettes, pastries, fruits and vegetables and other products. The nearest large shopping centers are located on Grand Baie Beach, which is very close. Several bus stops or even walking distance. True, there isn’t a sidewalk everywhere, so in some places you have to walk along the road. How to take the bus on the island →

A fruit and vegetable stall in Mauritius

There is such a stall with fresh fruits and vegetables near Pereybere Beach

Along the street there are tourist agencies where you can buy tours or rent a car. I have compiled a list of day tours worth visiting during your vacation in Mauritius.

I advise you to rent a car not on the street, but on the Localrent website. The site features cars from local rental vehicles with detailed descriptions and photos. You can pre-select the car model you want; the year of production and you will see the condition of the car in the photo. One time I rented a car on the street and since then I have only used theLocalrent website. I spoke about all thedifferences in a separate article.

What to do at Pereybere beach?

As I wrote above, Peryibere has enough variety of water activities. The conditions here are not very suitable for diving, but snorkeling is common. Underwater inhabitants can be found even in the zone fenced off by buoys, but if you swim further, an even more interesting sight awaits you. Pereybere – is a great place to learn to snorkel, whether you are a child or an adult who never swam with a mask and a tube. But experienced divers will probably find it very boring here.

Vacation on Pereybere Beach, Mauritius

Sunset at Pereybere Beach

Also, popular activity on the Pereybere Beach are glass-bottom boat trips as well as surfboard or catamaran renting.

It is also possible to rent a SUP or kayak.

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Disadvantages of Pereybere

There are no major drawbacks to Pereybere, but there are still some negatives:

  1. Due to its small size, the beach is often crowded with people – both locals and tourists. It’s more spacious here on weekdays, but you still can’t call it a relaxing vacation.
  2. Compared to many beaches in Mauritius, it is quite noisy here. This is not as noticeable as in the case of Grand Baie, but such this problem does exist.
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