What you need to know about vacationing with children in Mauritius: beaches, hotels, food, things to do

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Mauritius is traditionally considered a tourist destination for couples and newlyweds. Family holidays with children are not the first thing associated with the island, but that is completely wrong, because according to people who vacationed in Mauritius with children, excellent conditions have been created there for both kids and teenagers. The locals and staff are very warm and welcoming to children, and almost all 4- and 5-star hotels offer a children’s menu, cribs, playgrounds, clubs and entertainment programs.

This article is about vacations with children in Mauritius: is it worth going there or not? Which coast and which hotel would be the best for a vacation with them? What will you be able to do when you come to Mauritius with children?

Vacation in Mauritius with children. Features, tips, activities, hotels

What coast of Mauritius to choose for a family vacation?

The most of beaches of Mauritius are ideal for children: the descent to the water is very smooth, and there are places to bask in shallow water. Coastal waters are protected almost everywhere from waves and sharks by a coral reef, so that the dangers to the children are minimal. The only downside – there are only a few water attractions specifically designed for children.

  • The best beaches for families with older children in Mauritius are Grand Bay, Trou aux Biches and Pereybere, Le Morne, Blue Bay and Tamarin Bay.
  • If you have a very small child, then a quiet and shady beach would be the best choice – such as Flic en Flac or Belle Mare.
Vacation with children on Mauritius beach

Is it worth it to travel with children to Mauritius? Of course, it is! Pereybere beach, adults on the beach, children in the water

In terms of weather conditions and the availability of infrastructure, it is best to stay on the northern or western coast of the island. The climate here is milder, the beaches are better protected from waves and winds, and it is more likely that hotels and shopping centers will have everything you need for children of any age. Here you can find a more detailed article on “Which coast of Mauritius to choose for a vacation” →

The best hotels for a family vacation in Mauritius

Click on this link for a list of the 10 best family hotels in Mauritius, which I compiled after my vacation on the island. All the hotels on this list are located on the first line or so that they have their own beach. All of them offer at least accommodation with breakfast, and many of them work on an “all included” system. They all have a kids club and babysitters. And most importantly – in all the hotels from the list you can buy a tour and you can book a hotel on your own through Booking.

Among the hotels offering the best conditions for a vacation with children in Mauritius are:

  • Sofitel Mauritius Imperial Resort & Spa 5* – Sofitel offers everything for a vacation with children, from playgrounds to babysitting services. Meals include breakfast + dinner. On the official page of this hotel on Booking you can see photos of rooms and read reviews.
  • LUX* Belle Mare 5* (ex. Beau Rivage) is a hotel on the east coast of the island, with “all included”. On the official page of this hotel on Booking you can see photos of rooms and read reviews.
  • Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita 5* is an excellent hotel on the first line for both couples and families. On the official page of this hotel on Booking you can see photos of rooms and read reviews.
  • Long Beach Golf & Spa Resort 5* is a good hotel for a family vacation. On the official page of this hotel on Booking you can see photos of rooms and read reviews.
  • Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok Resort & Spa 5* (ex. Le Touessrok) is one of the best hotels in Mauritius. On the official page of this hotel on Booking you can see photos of rooms and read reviews.
  • Anelia Resort & Spa 2* (ex. Klondike) is an inexpensive family hotel on the first line, with animation. On the official page of this hotel on Booking you can see photos of rooms and read reviews.

Features of vacationing with children

Vacationing in Mauritius with the whole family is a great fun for both children and adults. This is because of the fact that many of the attractions and activities in Mauritius are equally interesting for everyone, so it is not necessary to make compromises during your trip.

In Mauritius, children’s animation is less common in hotels than in some popular and inexpensive resort destinations, for example, in Tunisia or Turkey. Interactive entertainment programs with the participation of staff are available only in some four- and five-star hotels.

Language barrier is rarely a problem. The local people are very caring and attentive to children, so do not be afraid to leave your child in the care of the staff. If you need someone to babysit your child, contact the hotel administration. Even if your hotel does not officially offer babysitting services, the staff will recommend a reliable local babysitter to you.

You don’t have to worry about the nutrition and safety of children: many good hotels have a children’s menu and security guards who monitor pools and playgrounds. In shopping malls, you can easily buy everything you need, including diapers and most of the usual food.

Breastfeeding in public places in Mauritius is frowned upon, but it is not illegal, so if you are careful not to stand out, there should be no problems.

Things to do for families with children in Mauritius: 5 places to go with your child

In addition to sunbathing on the beach and swimming, you can take your children to visit many of the attractions I mentioned in the article “What to see in Mauritius“.

The best way to see the island with kids is to rent a car or rent a car with a driver for the day. In Mauritius, both services are developed quite well, and there will be no problems with this. Read more in the guide for car rental on the island.

You can choose and book a reliable car for a family vacation in advance on the Localrent website. On this site, local rentals exhibit their cars with photos, descriptions and prices. I advise you to choose a car no older than 3-4 years. When booking, be sure to indicate that you need a child car seat, so that the car rental company will provide you with it along with the car.

There are also a few places in Mauritius that I haven’t told you about that will be of particular interest to children. Occasionally, Leisure Village Water Park near Belle Mare Beach is also mentioned, but it has earned rather negative reviews from visitors, so it’s hardly worth recommending.

  1. Mauritius Aquarium. Children are too young to get acquainted with the underwater world of Mauritius with a snorkel or scuba gear, but visiting the Mauritius Aquarium, located in the north-west of Mauritius in the village of Pointe Aux Piments, is a great idea. The aquarium consists of several buildings and is home to over two hundred fish, lobsters, turtles and other marine animals. Children will especially enjoy hand-feeding sessions of sharks and moray eels, taking place at 11:00 and 15:00, and a petting pool where they can touch sea creatures.
  2. Sugar Museum (“Sugar adventure”) and a show for children. Sugar Museum is located near the capital city of Port Louis in the building of a former sugar factory. Not only you can learn how sugar is made from sugar cane, but you can also show children an interactive show featuring the sugar plant’s mascots – Floryse the mongoose and Raj the Indian mynah. For those who love quests, envelopes with answers to the questions raised in the performance are hidden on the territory of the building. And if this does not interest your children – the store at the museum, which offers a huge selection of sweet delicacies, will surely be to their taste.
  3. Curious Corner in Curious Corner – It’s more than 40 illusory exhibits spread over an area of about 5,000 m2, opposite the entrance to the seven colored earth. In the “Corner” you will find a room where the person standing next to you seems much larger or smaller than their usual size, a mirror maze with unique lighting effects, a laser music studio where the child can play their own color melody, and other exciting attractions designed for children from 3 to 12 years old. More about Chamarel Park →
  4. Casela Nature Park – a large safari park with a lot of entertainment for both children and adults. It is best to plan to spend a whole day in Casela Park in order to have enough time to see everything and feed the animals. The Park offers special discounts for children. More about the park →
  5. La Vanille Nature Park with giant turtles, where children can not only feed the turtles, but also ride them. Overview of the park →

Other tours which are safe for children include a boat ride with a transparent bottom and sea trips on a catamaran. Some tourists take older children hiking to the peaks of Mauritian mountains.

I saw a turtle while on tour on a glass bottom boat

Teenagers find safari in Bel Ombre Nature Park very interesting (here is a more detailed description) as well as riding quad bikes (more details on this page).

👉 10 tours in Mauritius you should go on

5 things to consider before traveling to Mauritius with children

I’ve written before that Mauritius is considered one of the safest places for a vacation. This is also true for vacations with children. However, there are a few things to be aware of to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  1. If your child needs formulated foods, it is best to take a supply of them with you. Analogues are sold in malls in Mauritius, but their composition may be different and not suitable for your child. The same goes for medication.
  2. The number of cradles in hotels is often limited, so you need to contact the administration in advance and ask them to reserve one for you. Before flying to Mauritius, it is advisable to call again and remind the staff about it.
  3. If you plan to rent a car, indicate in advance that you need a child seat. I shared my experience of renting a car in Mauritius in this article →
  4. When booking a hotel room, make sure it’s not an Adult Only hotel. Such hotels are focused on a completely different type of vacation and do not have conditions suitable for children; besides, they can simply refuse to accommodate you. 10 tips for finding the ideal hotel for your vacation.
  5. Bring kids’ beach shoes or aqua socks. On some beaches, for example, Flic en Flac, there are coral fragments, and sea urchins in the water. If you do not have such shoes, you can buy them in a store once you are in Mauritius.

As for other precautions, you should follow the same safety measures as when relaxing without children: bring a mosquito repellent, have suitable beach shoes, carry a supply of water with you and regularly give children water and drink water yourself, choose shady places, apply sunscreen, beware of sea urchins and coral fragments. Always keep in mind that children are more vulnerable to sunburn and overheating.

Enjoy your vacation in sunny Mauritius!

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