Which Mauritius coast to choose for your vacation

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I have already written about the sea in Mauritius and about the features of its coastline. The island delights tourists with many kilometers of the cleanest beaches, protected from waves and winds by a barrier of coral reefs. But not all beaches are developed by the tourism industry and can offer a developed infrastructure for recreation. So, on which Mauritius beach is the best vacation waiting for you? Which coast of the island is better to go on vacation and why?

Which coast to choose for a vacation in Mauritius

Which coast of Mauritius to choose for vacation

Which coast of Mauritius is best to choose for a vacation depends largely on the month of your trip. The weather in different parts of the island varies by season, and you can learn more about which coast of Mauritius will be more comfortable for you in each of the months from the article “Weather in Mauritius“.

As a rule, the Mauritian winter is best spent on the west coast, especially if your trip falls on the cyclone season, but in summer the conditions are better in the east of the island: here the heat is not as sweltering as in the west and north.

The summer and winter seasons in Mauritius do not coincide with ours: winter falls on May-October, and summer – on November-April.
  • The warmest and mildest sea is in the northwest of the island, which is the most suitable for a relaxing beach vacation.
  • The tourist infrastructure is best developed in the north of the island – there are ATMs, hospitals, large shopping malls and many small shops.
  • On the northern coast there are several famous beaches of Mauritius: Pereybere, Grand Bay or Grand-Baie, Mon Choisy, Trou aux Biches and Cap Malheureux. Three of them made it into my Top 5 Best Beaches in Mauritius.
  • The main disadvantage of the northern coast is that it is far from the main sights of the island, which are concentrated in the south of the island. But this disadvantage is easily offset by car rental, which is well developed in Mauritius. Read more in the article “Guide to car rental in Mauritius“.
Beach holidays in Mauritius

This is how Trou aux Biches looks like

  • The capital of the island, Port Louis, is located on the west coast, and there are excellent conditions for hiking. 📌 Guide to the capital of Mauritius
  • On the west coast are the most beautiful beaches of Balaklava and Flic-en-Flac, as well as Albion and Tamarin in the bay of the same name.
  • Flic-n-Flac beach on the west coast – the most convenient point for staying during your vacation in Mauritius. All attractions are located approximately at the same distance. Overview of the beach →
  • Since most of the coast of the southern coast of the island is completely unsuitable for entering the sea, there are not many known and “civilized” beaches on the southern coast. The main problem is that the south of the island is not protected from strong waves. Among the most comfortable, only Bel Ombre, Riviere des Galets and St Felix Beach can be singled out. But even they attract tourists more because of their picturesqueness than because of the possibility of swimming. But in the south of Mauritius there are also several quiet bays – and it is in these that some of the best hotels in Mauritius are located.
  • The south of the island is ideal for outdoor activities. Here are natural parks and the most famous national. Mauritius park – Black River Gorge with the highest peak of the island, many hiking trails and waterfalls. 📌 A detailed guide to the Black River Gorge
  • The southern coast is very suitable for water sports – it is not protected from ocean winds by a coral reef, and the conditions are excellent for windsurfing, kitesurfing and other active water activities. The world known beach for kitesurfing is Le Morne beach.
  • Le Morne Beach is not only a mecca for kite surfers and wind surfers, but also the most picturesque beach on the island. 📌 Detailed overview of the beach →
  • The east coast is great for relaxing during the hot summer months. People who love of sunbathing on the beach, diving and people interested in nature also come here. On the eastern side of Mauritius, many small islands are scattered in the coastal waters, almost all of which are accessible to the public. Some of them are part of national parks, and some have their own beaches – for example, on the island of Ile aux Cerfs.
  • On the east coast of the island is Mahebourg – the historical and first capital of Mauritius.
  • The most famous beaches of the east coast are: Roches Noires, Poste Lafayette, Belle Mare, Palmar, Trou d’eau Douce, Pointe d’Esny and Blue Bay.

In my opinion, if you are looking for relaxation it is best to choose one of the beaches of the north and west of the island. There are several interesting beaches on the east coast, but the northwest and west coasts of the island are the most developed in terms of tourist infrastructure. The north of the island offers beaches for diving and swimming with soft, beautiful sand. This is my subjective opinion, which you may or may not believe.

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