Current entry requirements to Mauritius: visa, vaccination, PCR test and other documents

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Officially, entry to Mauritius is open to all – both vaccinated against Covid-19 and unvaccinated tourists. You do not need a visa for a short stay on the island. But there are specific rules and requirements related to the coronavirus that need to be met. In this article I will tell you step by step what documents you need to prepare, how to fill out the questionnaire and what you need to do before you go on а trip to Mauritius in 2024.

Current rules for entering Mauritius: visa, vaccination, PCR test

You do not need a visa to visit Mauritius. Just a passport and money

Current rules for entering Mauritius: documents, visa, insurance and other requirements

As of July 1st 2022 visa, vaccination or PCR test are not necessary in order to visit Mauritius. But there is a list of documents that may be requested before boarding the flight and during passport control in Mauritius.

Here is a list of those documents:

  1. A valid round-trip airline ticket.
  2. A valid international passport (a passport whose validity ends after your departure from the island).
  3. Hotel voucher – reservation of the hotel in which you plan to stay. The border guards in Mauritius are meticulous, checking the dates of departure from the island with the dates booked at the hotel. I booked a hotel on Booking for the whole period, and I received a booking voucher in English.
  4. Insurance covering Covid-19 is no longer required. But I always take travel insurance for Mauritius. It’s cheap and you never know what can happen. I can advise you to get travel insurance by EKTA. There are good terms and conditions, and COVID-19 coverage is included, although no longer required.
  5. Pre-Filled All-In-One Travel Form for Mauritius – optional, but if you fill and print it in advance, you will not need to do it upon your arrival. Below I will tell you where and how to fill out the form.

Important! All documents have to be submitted in English or French.

The conditions for entering Mauritius are the same for UK, USA, Germans, and citizens of all other countries. All the above documents are checked for everyone, regardless of the colour of the passport.

What the sea looks like in Mauritius

Mauritius – the perfect combination of mild climate, hospitable people, warm ocean and easy entry conditions

Sometimes border guards ask about your financial security. One time the border guard asked me to show money in the amount of at least $100 for each day of my stay in Mauritius I was very surprised, I said that all my money is on my bank card. The clerk replied that in that case I can show him a statement from the bank account linked to the card. This happened the first time I came to the island. On my last trip they didn’t ask me any question about money.

If you are traveling with children under the age of 14, you will need their birth certificates. Also, for foreigners who are regular five-year-olds, information can be entered in the parents’ passport. Children over 14 years old will need their own passport. If a child is traveling with only one of the parents, written permission from the other parent will be required for entry.

Entering Mauritius in 2022 – my experience

The visa regime in Mauritius is very open. No one needs a visa to visit the island. But in return, the border guards ask for and check all the documents and questionnaires indicated in the official conditions of entry. I will tell you what and how they checked me on the flight to Mauritius and at passport control on the island itself:

  • Round-trip ticket – always requested. By the way, the border guard did not accept tickets from Mauritius to Seychelles. You need tickets for the country of departure. Although, the last time I had return tickets to Dubai and not to my homeland.
  • Hotel reservation – printed confirmation from Booking of advance reservation in English.
  • Insurance covering Covid-19 and quarantine in case my PCR comes out positive. As of July 1st 2022 it is no longer necessary.
  • Immigration card issued on the plane.

All Covid-19 tests in Mauritius have now been cancelled, but I leave here as a souvenir a photo from passing control at the island’s main airport in February 2022:

How to fill out Mauritius All-In-One Travel Form – important information

The online questionnaire Mauritius All-In-One Travel Form is available for filling out on the link The questionnaire looks long, but it’s not complicated. It should be filled in English.

The questions are the usual ones – personal information, which countries you have entered in the last six months, whether you have any Covid-19 symptoms. Regarding the vaccine question, there is a large list of vaccines available.

Rules for entering Mauritius now

The list of recognized vaccines

Once completed, you will receive an email from with a completed PDF document you should print and show at the airport.

Vacation rules in Mauritius for vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists

After lifting all Covid-19 restrictions for both vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists, the island became free. Night clubs, discotheques, spas, gyms and other entertainment places have reopened.

Masks have to be worn only at the airport, in shops and in hospitals.

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