Top 10 Must See Waterfalls in Mauritius

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The volcanic island of Mauritius has won the hearts of many travelers with the beauty of its magnificent tropical landscapes and unique attractions which the island has in abundance. Some of the most beautiful places in Mauritius are its various waterfalls. Powerful streams of water in the midst of lush greenery and rocks amaze the eye with their magic.

Rochester Falls in Mauritius

You can visit all the waterfalls in Mauritius on your own or with a tour. Unfortunately, not all waterfalls on the list have tours leading to them. I will mark the waterfalls that can be seen with a private or group tour and leave a link to the tour.

It is easier to get to the waterfalls on your own by car. I recommend booking a car in advance, a few days before the trip, on Localrent website (local rental) or Economybookings (international rental). I told you more about rental rules and traffic characteristics in this article.

Some waterfalls are located in private areas, where entrance is not free.

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List of waterfalls worth seeing in Mauritius

Three important tips before you visit any of the waterfalls:

  1. Do not stand under the waterfall – stones often fall with the water, sometimes quite large.
  2. If you decide to jump off a waterfall, do it only where the locals jump or ask your guide where a safe place is to jump.
  3. Don’t go hiking to a waterfall in beach shoes, especially after it rains. It’s very unsafe.

Chamarel Waterfall – largest waterfall on the island

Chamarel Waterfall falls from a 100-meter edge of volcanic rocks, whose age is 8-10 million years. You can view the falls from the lookout point at the Chamarel Geopark, and then walk through the tropical forest to take a dip in the refreshing water at the base of the falls. Its official name is Charles Antoine Falls, as it is derived from the name of the French officer who owned the land, but most locals and vacationers know it as the Chamarel Falls.

Chamarel Falls - the tallest in Mauritius

Chamarel Falls – the highest in Mauritius

Location: The waterfall is located in the Chamarel Geopark. There is also one of the postcard places of the island – seven Colored Earths of Chamarel. Read more about the geopark and why it is worth visiting in this section of the Mauritius guidebook.

How to get there:

  1. On your own by car
  2. With a tour “Chamarel park tour”

Alexandra Falls

Alexandra Falls is much easier to see from the observation deck in Black River Gorges National Park, from that place you can see the incredibly clear blue water cascade into the abyss of green landscape.

Location: Alexandra Falls is located in Black River Gorges National Park. Here is the exact location on the map.

How to get there:

  1. You can drive yourself to the national park, park your car in this parking lot and walk to the observation deck. If you go on your own, you can combine it with a visit to the 500 Pieds Waterfall and the highest point in Mauritius – Bench 828. Read more in the article “Black River Gorges National Park”.
  2. Take a hiking tour around Black River Gorges National Park with a visit to Alexandra Falls. Description of the tour can be found on this page.

Cascade 500 Pieds

This beautiful waterfall falls down in several cascades. Cascade 500 Pieds, like Alexandra Falls, is located along the southern border of Black River Gorges National Park.

Waterfall 500 pieds in Mauritius

Instagram photo

You have to walk 1.6 km through the tropical forest to get to the waterfall. The journey takes about an hour and a half. Comfortable shoes are needed, because there are tree roots and cobblestones on the trail. And it’s slippery near the waterfall.

Alexandra Falls in Mauritius

How to get there:

  1. You can drive yourself to the national park and park your car in this parking lot. If you go on your own, you can combine it with a visit to the 500 Pieds Waterfall and the highest point in Mauritius – Bench 828. Read more in the article “Black River Gorges National Park”.
  2. Take a guided hiking tour. Description of the tour can be found on this page.
Tracks in Black River Gorges National Park in Mauritius

Sign at the start of the trail showing distance and travel time

Rochester Falls

On the south, near the village of Souillac, are Rochester Falls, made famous in many Bollywood films. Surrounded by dense jungle, the 10m high Rochester Falls cascade down among amazing, jagged rock blocks. Mauritians love to jump off the waterfall, swim in the lake at its foot, or simply relax in the cool shade of the waterfall.

From the parking lot to the waterfall, you need to walk 100-200 meters. The main problem – the river has a rocky bottom. It is crossed barefoot.

Rochester Falls in Mauritius

I, like other people, try to feel with my foot where to step so that I don’t fall in.

How to get there:

  1. On your own by car (here is the point on the map), combined with a visit to La Vanille Park, Chamarel Park and Gris-Gris Cape.
  2. With one of the tours to the south of the island.

GRSE (Grand River South East) Waterfall

The name GRSE stands for Grand River South East or Big River in the Southeast.

Location: The waterfall is located in the southeastern part of Mauritius (on the map) and consists of water descending over basalt blocks in the middle of a surreal tropical landscape. Wild monkeys, bats and endemic birds can be found in the forests surrounding this area.


How to get there: GRSE Waterfall is usually combined with a day tour to Ile aux Cerfs. This is exactly how I visited this waterfall – I booked this tour to Deer Island.

Eau Bleue Waterfall

In the southeastern part of the island near the village of Cluny, tourists can admire the beautiful turquoise waters of the Eau Bleue Waterfall, which cascades down into the lake.

There are 3 waterfalls here – Plateau Cascade, Disab Cascade and Mamzel Cascade. Most adventurers only visit Mamzel Cascade with really deep and clear blue water.

The waterfall dries up significantly in the summer during the hot season. The best time to visit it is the end of the rainy season (winter in Mauritius) – the beginning of summer. You can read more about the seasons in Mauritius in this article →

How to get there: On your own by car. The waterfall is located in the southeastern part of the island near the village of Cluny. The point on the map.

Tamarind Falls or Sept Cascades

Tamarind Falls, also known as the Seven Cascades, are located north of the Black River Gorges, near Henrietta. But in fact, there are 11 cascades, although some claim that there are 13 of them, including a 60-meter waterfall falling from a majestic cliff surrounded by tropical vegetation. There is a separate article about Tamarind Cascades in this guide to Mauritius.

How to get there: the only way to see these stunning waterfalls is to go through a dense forest. The path to the waterfalls requires preparation, and if you have no experience, it is better to go with a guide. There are two guided tour options:

  • Half-day trekking – walk 3 hours or about 5 km. You will see 4 or 5 waterfalls. Experienced hikers can master this route on their own. If you haven’t gone on a jungle trek before, it’s best to take a guide.
  • Full-day trekking – walk 5-6 hours or 8 km. You will see all the Tamarind Cascades. This tour includes lunch and transfer from the hotel and back to the hotel.

Waterfalls in La Vallée des Couleurs Park

La Vallee des Couleurs Park or the Valley of Colors – is a natural park in the south of the island. There are 4 beautiful waterfalls in the park:

  1. Chamouzé Waterfall
  2. Vacoas Waterfall owes its name to the famous endemic plant of the same name growing in Mauritius. This plant can be found near the waterfall.
  3. Bois de Natte Waterfall is higher and deeper than Vacoas and was also named after an endemic plant that can be found in La Vallee des Couleurs Park.
  4. Cheveux d’Ange Waterfall resembles a lady whose carefully combed hair falls over her shoulders. Hence the name Cheveux d’Ange, which means “tears of an angel” in French. You can swim at the foot of the waterfall.

Some of the falls are accessible on foot, while others are accessible by quad or buggy.

La Vallée des Couleurs Park in Mauritius

How to get to the park:

  1. On your own by car. Here is the park on the map. Admission is charged to enter the park.
  2. Day-tour to the park with transfer. Can be booked on the Viator website using this link.

Underwater waterfall Le Morne – the most incredible waterfall in Mauritius

And last but not least, the famous underwater waterfall, which is located near the Le Morne peninsula. This is not a real waterfall, but an optical illusion that looks like an underwater waterfall from above.

How to get there: You can see the waterfall only by flying over it by plane or by helicopter. There is a special helicopter tour to the Le Morne waterfall. It is best to book a flight over the island through the Viator website, which guarantees a tour and a refund in case of cancellation. Detailed description and flight conditions →

Eureka Waterfall

Eureka Waterfall is located in the central part of the island, in Moka. Finding it is easy. It consists of three waterfalls, which are located right behind the historic Eureka House. Tourists can spend a pleasant time in the old mansion surrounded by a fantastic botanical garden.

How to get there: The first two waterfalls are easy to walk along over the steep slopes. The third waterfall, Bassin Diable, requires you to cross a short but difficult path in order to get to it, but once there you will see a soothing view of the cascading waters. The scenery and serenity of these waterfalls are truly worth it.

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