My in-depth review of the pros and cons of a vacation in Mauritius

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Mauritius is one of the exotic islands that most often appear on the covers of magazines when it comes to luxury holidays. Before I went to Mauritius, I read a lot of reviews from people who had already visited the island. Upon arriving home, tourists leave detailed reviews about Mauritius, and from them you can get an idea about vacationing on the island. In this article, I will share my impressions of vacationing in Mauritius and compare them with reviews by tourists.

Mauritius vacation reviews. What’s there to like and dislike?

So, what do island guests say about their vacation in Mauritius? What awaited tourists in Mauritius in 2022 and what will await you if you go on a vacation to Mauritius in 2023? I went through all the reviews, added my comments and here is the result.

Pros and cons of vacationing in Mauritius according to tourist reviews

Almost all tourists mention the wonderful nature of Mauritius. Birds sing here all year round, and the lush vegetation is always green. At the same time, there are practically no large and dangerous animals in Mauritius – except behind the fence in the Casela Nature Parks. There are no sharks here either: the coral reef does not allow them to swim to the shore. The only negative – on some beaches of the island it is very easy to come across sea urchins, including when entering the water from the beach.

There are many reviews of sand on the beaches of Mauritius. The sand is very pleasant to the eye and to the touch, but on some beaches, you can find fragments of coral in it. Therefore, you either have to wear special shoes, or avoid swimming altogether. But this does not apply to all of the beaches, and such reviews are greatly exaggerated. I visited all the beaches of Mauritius, walked barefoot on the most popular beaches for swimming. Yes, I came across some coral fragments, but they caused me a bit of inconvenience only on one part of the Flic en Flac beach.

From my experience, I can add that after a storm on some northern beaches, seaweed washes up on the shore.

Flic en Flac is said to be the best beach in Mauritius

Another important point about Mauritius is that most of the beaches are protected from the ocean by coral reef walls. In the eyes of some tourists this is a plus, in the eyes of others – a minus. Many consider the gentle sea and shallow water to be an advantage, but there are also those who are simply bored on such beaches.

True, for such people there are plenty of more active pastimes in Mauritius – whether it is snorkeling and scuba diving, or kayaking, or all kinds of surfing. Especially since Mauritius is among the top 10 kitesurfing destinations in the world. The center of kitesurfing in Mauritius is the Lе Моrne beach.

I personally liked that the boats transporting tourists do not drive close to the shore, but barely move so that they wouldn’t run over one of the snorkelers. And in Mauritius you can snorkel for hours – believe my sunburnt butt!

Mauritius review - snorkeling on the island

I took this photo when I was snorkeling in Trou aux Biches

People’s reviews are divided when it comes to the sights of Mauritius. Some people noticed that some of the places look much more attractive in a photo than“in real life”. For example, Chamarel Seven Colored Earth. I understand why people are so disappointed. It is very important at what angle the sunlight falls on the sands. At noon, the color is barely distinguishable, and at the right time, the shades of sand are perfectly visible. Bus tours can drop you off there anytime so that’s why I advise you to rent a car and explore the island on your own.

Others speak about tours in Mauritius with great enthusiasm. Sea tours are extremely popular. I can confirm from my own experience that those tours are very interesting in Mauritius. Here you can find my list of 10 best tours in Mauritius.

Sea vacation on a catamaran in Mauritius

In the vicinity of Mauritius there are many small islands to which tours are organized by catamarans, speedboats (motorboats) and yachts. I prefer catamarans because the sea rocks them the least.

The topic of getting around Mauritius is generally very popular in tourist reviews. For moving around the island some people used public buses, some people used taxis, and some rented a car. I went around the island by bus and also rented a car (in this article I tell you all you need to know about it). Renting a car is the most convenient option, because you can see the remote corners of the island, which are not reached by buses and tours. I speak about public transport on the island in this article.

Buses - a good way to get around while on vacation in Mauritius

Still, the most important thing for almost all visitors to Mauritius were the hotels in which they stayed. And it is precisely in the hotel sense that the island has shown itself in all its splendor. Regardless of how many stars the hotel they stayed in had, everyone was satisfied with the atmosphere and service. Of course, the “threes”, “fours” and “fives” set completely different demands, but the guests agreed on one thing: the hotel staff is very friendly, and the service is excellent.

How to choose the best hotel to stay in Mauritius

I stayed 3 nights at the Preskil 4* hotel. In the photo – a view of the hotel’s beach from the hotel’s balcony. The beach is much bigger, and there are two swimming pools, spa, free SUP, kayaks, catamarans. In the hotel’s area, there are restaurants and a spa, and in general everything that a tourist might need. I never even left the hotel.

Some of the best hotels:

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Another pleasant surprise for tourists is that merchants on the beaches of Mauritius behave very civilized. If, for example, in Tunisia or Dubai you literally have to push them away, here just a dismissing gesture is often enough to convey that you are not interested.

Souvenir sellers on the beaches of Mauritius
When tourists write reviews about their stay in Mauritius, they almost always mention food and drinks. Most tourists in Mauritius are satisfied with both, although some complain about high prices. At the same time, most hotels do not have an “all-inclusive” option.

👉 Top 10 Mauritian dishes you should try

It is necessary to understand that Mauritius is an island in the ocean and almost everything has to be imported, except fish and cane. That’s why the prices are high.
The cost of a vacation in Mauritius is, unfortunately, a painful topic. For a week’s stay in an average hotel in Mauritius for two people, you will have to spend around 1,500 Euros for two, while the whole vacation can cost you around 3,000 Euros. In reviews, tourists have repeatedly written that such prices seem too high. On the other hand, the beaches on the island are half empty. There are no crowds of Chinese tourists. Everything is clean, cared for and wellkept up. Maybe it’s worth it?

Trust my experience, a vacation in Mauritius cannot be compared to a vacation in Southeast Asia – neither in Thailand, nor in Bali, nor in Malaysia, and even less so in Vietnam. Mauritius is on another level. If we are to compare Mauritius, then we should compare it with Maldives or Seychelles.

Despite the high cost of vacationing in Mauritius, most people who have visited the island in the last few years speak very positively about their vacation in Mauritius. Young couples who come here to spend their honeymoon are particularly satisfied with the trip. To the newlywed couples, many hotels on the island offer themed rooms, organize romantic dinners, give them gifts and even offer the opportunity to hold a wedding ceremony according to the traditions of Mauritius.