TOP 5 excursions in Mauritius and 5 best day tours around the island

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Mauritius offers dozens of opportunities for its guests for beach and outdoor activities. On the island there are many attractions, but how to make time to see everything that interests you? One of the methods is – rent a car and plan your own itinerary. But if you do not drive, it is better to book several excursions.

All excursions in Mauritius can be divided into sightseeing, gastro, sea and hiking. I am talking about hiking on ​​the island in a separate article. I also talked about gastro tours in the article “10 dishes that you must try in Mauritius“. In this article, I have collected the best excursions in Mauritius that are worth a visit.

Excursions in Mauritius. Prices, Description, where to book

5 best excursions in Mauritius

I have chosen five of the most interesting excursions on the island, which are definitely worth a look. Although the word “see” does not really describe the nature of the excursions, because in most cases you will not watch from the outside, but participate. These excursions collect rave reviews from tourists as the most interesting and exciting.

#1. Mauritius Instagram Sightseeing Tour

The beauty of a sightseeing tour is that you can see all the main sights in one go.

In Mauritius, sightseeing tours are divided into regions of the island, and rightly so. In my opinion, it is enough to take either a group tour “Southwest Full DayTour” or a private tour with a guide “Wild Southwest Mauritius”. Both excursions include a visit to the seven-colored sands of Chamarel, the Chamarel waterfall, a wine factory, the Grand Basin and other places.

An excellent alternative to a sightseeing tour will be an Instagram tour of Mauritius. This is a private tour by car to the most recognizable places of the island. The price is 102€ per person. You can follow the link book your travel date in advance →
Seven colored sands of Chamarel in Mauritius - review

Seven colored sands of Chamarel and Chamarel waterfall – one of the main attractions of the island. Why they are worth seeing I explain in a separate article

#2. Sea excursion on a catamaran to Cerf Island (Ile aux Cerfs)

There are several islands near Mauritius, but if you are relaxing on the island for the first time, then I advise you to choose a cruise to Cerf Island on a catamaran. A catamaran cruise is a boat trip on a small motor or sailing vessel with a double deck.

Sea excursions in Mauritius

Sea excursions in Mauritius are carried out on such catamarans

Advice: if you are vacationing with children, then do not take sea excursions on speedboats. Only on a catamaran. Catamarans are good because they are stable, and the pitching that provokes seasickness is not felt on them as much as, for example, on a speedboat. Therefore, such cruises are well tolerated by children.

During a sea excursion, you usually inspect the coastline of the island from the water and visit one or more small islands near Mauritius, stop for snorkeling at the coral reefs, have lunch (barbecue on the beach or catamaran) and return back to the hotel.

Catamaran boat trip in Mauritius

Usually free alcoholic drinks are included in a catamaran trip, and they are unlimited.

At least one of the catamaran excursions is worth taking. For example, the one to Deer Island. Choose one of these excursions, and you can’t go wrong:

#3. Helicopter flight over Mauritius

Helicopter flight over Mauritius

This is the most expensive sightseeing tour on the island, but it’s worth it, believe me. You won’t see an underwater waterfall on any other excursion! And how beautiful Mauritius is from above!

It is better to book a helicopter flight in advance. There are two flight options:

#4. Excursion to La Vanille Park and Pamplemousses

There are surprisingly many interesting parks in Mauritius. I advise you to visit at least 2 parks:

  • La Vanille Park is a very interesting park with animals and the largest population of giant tortoises in Mauritius. If you want to walk with the turtles, touch them, feed them, that you will find in La Vanille Park. I talked about La Vanillein a separate article. In La Vanille Park there is a separate excursion that captures some of the more interesting places in the south of the island.
  • Pamplemousses Park is the oldest botanical park not only in Mauritius, but also in the southern hemisphere of the Earth. One of the highlights of the park are the giant water lilies. I shared my park trip report in this article. The park can be visited during Instagram tour of Mauritius.
Pamplemousses Garden - a must see in Mauritius

Giant water lilies in the Pamplemousses botanical park in Mauritius

#5. Hiking to Tamarind falls (7 cascades)

Tamarin Falls are considered to be one of the marvels of this island. They consist of 13 cascades, and will leave no one indifferent. Tamarin Falls are not only the highest in Mauritius, but also one of the most grandiose and picturesque waterfalls in the world. Read more about the waterfall in this separate article.

There are three excursions to the waterfall:

  • Trekking for half a day – go 3 hours or about 5 km. You will see 4 or 5 waterfalls. Experienced hikers can master this route on their own. If you haven’t gone on a jungle trek before, it’s best to take a guide.
  • Trekking for the whole day – go 5-6 hours or 8 km. You will see all the cascades of Tamarin. This tour usually includes lunch.

Excursion to the Casela Nature and Leisure Park – a choice for families with children

Excursion to the Casela Park in Mauritius

People come to Casela Park to look at the animals – both behind the fence and in their natural habitats. But the main feature of the tour is not even in this, but in the variety of activities from which you can choose something to your liking. These activities include:

  • Walking with large cats (lions, tigers and cheetahs) under the supervision of an instructor. You will not only look at predatory animals up close without a grating separating you, but if they are in the mood, you can touch them.
  • Inspection of the “wild” part of the park on ATVs. The duration of such a safari is one or two hours, and during this time you will have time to visit the savannah and wooded parts of Casela. In the savannah, there are ostriches, antelopes and zebras, in the forest – exotic birds, wild boars and deer.
  • Descent on a zip line. The park has several cable lines that together make up the longest route in the Indian Ocean – and one of the most beautiful.

Casela Park is popular with both children and adults, and if you have never been to a safari park before, you will be impressed. I speak more about visiting Casela Park in this article →

If you decide to go to Casela on your own, it is better to buy a ticket in advance on the Internet, because the park is always full, and you have to queue at the ticket office. Ticket can be bought follow the link →

Where to buy excursions in Mauritius

Excursions in Mauritius are almost always individual, therefore not cheap when compared with the same in Thailand, Turkey or Tunisia. The main question is where to buy excursions in Mauritius?

  • Book excursions on the beach – on the popular beaches Mauritians themselves will come to you with an offer of some kind of boat trip, and at the same time with excursions around the island. I found out that the prices on the beach are 100% overpriced. You need to either bargain or get the deal elsewhere.
  • In one of the agencies on the street – usually the agency can be seen from afar thanks to the bright photographs of the sights of Mauritius. Prices in agencies are also different, you need to compare, but at least not as high as those on the beach.
  • In the hotel – almost always the hotels will offer their guests a set of excursions. As a rule, prices for excursions in hotels are higher than in agencies on the street.
  • On the Internet – there are several international sites specializing in the sale of excursions. They have the largest selection of excursions that I have found. There are groups, there are private guides. I compared prices, and some excursions on the sites can be bought cheaper than they are offered in agencies on the street. Moreover, the sites are reliable, I used them myself, and they give guarantees.

I can recommend a few sites that I myself have used and trust:

  • The Viator site has a very large selection with really unique excursions and activities in Mauritius. There are private guides and free cancellation. Site is in English. Open the site (293 island tours) →
  • The GetYourGide website also offers tours and transfers around the island. Prices for some excursions are lower than on the Viator website. View site (42 excursions) →

Other 5 interesting excursions around the island

Most excursions in Mauritius are designed to make your experience on the island as complete and multifaceted as possible. The itinerary usually includes not only sightseeing of several sights, but also one of the exciting activities that the island offers – for example, zip-lining or diving. Often excursions include lunch – in nature, right there on a yacht / catamaran or in one of the interesting restaurants in Mauritius.

Due to the fact that excursions in Mauritius are usually individual and designed for a maximum of four people, travel agencies often make it possible to adjust the itinerary and schedule of the excursion to your needs.

#6. Sea excursion “See dolphins and Benitiers Island”

It is a catamaran cruise to Benitiers Island in the southwest of Mauritius. In addition to snorkeling, there is a chance to see dolphins (without swimming with them). You can find more about this cruise (prices, conditions and etc.) on this page →

#7. Sightseeing tour of Port Louis

This tour usually includes a tour of the Pamplemousses botanical garden, and a walk among rare plants can be scheduled before or after visiting the state’s capital. The main part of the tour is to get acquainted with the capital of Mauritius, Port Louis. You will be guided through the historic center of the city, after which you will climb to the observation deck of Fort Adelaide (La Citadelle) and see Port Louis from above.

The tour also includes a visit to the local market and the Caudan Embankment, where there are many shops and tourist attractions – you will definitely be given time for independent shopping.

Port Louis Sightseeing Tour in Mauritius

Another attraction occasionally visited on the Port Louis Sightseeing Tour is the Postal Museum, where you learn about the history of postal and other means of communication in Mauritius.

#8. Sightseeing tour of Mauritius “Beauty of the Island”

“Beauty of the Island” is a rather lengthy tour aimed at examining natural attractions in Mauritius. First you go up to the crater of the extinct volcano Trou aux Cerfs, from where you can see the mountain lake in its mouth and the city of Curepipe, then you go to Grand Bassin Lake, where the temple complex dedicated to Shiva is located, and its giant statue stands. Then the road to the waterfall in the Black River Gorge National Park or admiring its beauty from the observation deck awaits you.

The next part of the tour is a visit to a sugar cane rum factory and a tasting. Here you will not only taste high-quality rum, but also taste local cuisine in the Lacaze Chamarel restaurant.

The tour ends with a visit seven-colored sands of Chamarel and nearby waterfalls.

Chamarel is one of the main attractions of Mauritius

#9. Wild Southwest tour – Chamarel sands and more

This tour is very similar to the previous one: you visit the Chamarel rum distillery, restaurant, seven-colored sands and waterfalls. But instead of the natural beauties of Trou aux Surfs, Grand Bassin and Black River Gorges, you will see a coffee factory near Chamarel. Here you will see all stages of coffee production, from the collection of coffee beans to the roasting of beans.

Here are the most interesting options for this excursion:

  • Excursion in the southwest of Mauritius – a group tour on a small bus (up to 15 people) in the southwest of the island with visits to the most iconic places and a 3-course lunch.
  • Private tour of the southwest of the island – the southwest of the island by car with a private guide. This tour has a very high rating and many positive reviews. And the price is even cheaper than a group tour. I advise you to take this option.
  • colored sands of Chamarel + swimming with dolphins – for those who want to kill two birds with one stone: swim with dolphins and see the sands with a waterfall.

#10. “Tea Road” and La Vanille Reserve

This excursion, like the “Beauty of the Island”, usually begins with an ascent of Trou aux Cerfs or a tour of the temple complex on the Grand Bassin lake. But then the paths diverge – you can go to a tea plantation and a tea factory. Here you will not only find out about the journey the tea leaves make before they get to the table, but also taste several local varieties of tea.

You can find more details about this tour following this link to →

The second part of the tour is the La Vanille nature reserve, where you will visit a crocodile farm and a corral for giant turtles. The peculiarity of the tour is lunch at a local restaurant, where many of the dishes include crocodile meat.

Giant tortoises in Mauritius

Giant tortoises in La Vanile Park

After La Vanile you will head to Cape Gris Gris, the southernmost point of the island and one of its most beautiful places.

Which excursions to choose in Mauritius

I admire the ocean at Cape Gris

Gris to Cape Gris-gris. Both places are worth visiting.