Tamarind Waterfalls in Mauritius – Should You Go?

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I ​​have already talked about trekking in the national parks and reserves of Mauritius and about the best peaks of the island for climbing. But there is a route that I want to talk about separately. This is Mauritius’s most popular hiking destination, equally loved by beginner eco-tourists and experienced hikers. We are talking here about the Tamarind Falls or the famous “Seven Cascades”.

Tamarin Falls in the photo

Photo from https://www.instagram.com/p/CB9qwD5p6nW/

Is it worth going to Tamarin Falls? In fact, there are not seven cascades here but 13! Only some of them fade before the grandeur of the main ones. Water breaks down from a height of about 275 m, then it overcomes several stone steps and pours into the lake at the foot. Tamarin Falls are not only the highest in Mauritius but also one of the world’s most grandiose and picturesque waterfalls. Therefore, the reviews of all the people who went to these waterfalls are enthusiastic.

Trekking routes to Tamarin Falls

Photo from https://www.instagram.com/p/BxKbN1xHT_s/

On your own or with a guide? There are several trekking routes to Tamarin waterfalls. Two are relatively easy and safe to hike on your own, while the third is recommended only with a guide. I will first talk about the excursions you can take to the Tamarin waterfalls and then about the routes for an independent hike with a track on the map.

Excursions to Tamarind falls (Sept Cascades)

Ordering an excursion to Tamarind waterfalls (7 cascades) is not a problem. Such excursions with experienced guides are provided by all organizations in Mauritius involved in hiking. There are many options. Here are links to the most popular ones. Click to check the price, read reviews and book the option:

  • Trekking for half a day – go 3 hours or about 5 km. You will see 4 or 5 waterfalls. Experienced hikers can master this route on their own. If you haven’t gone on a jungle trek, it’s best to take a guide.
  • Trekking for the whole day – go 5-6 hours or 8 km. You will see all the cascades of Tamarin. This tour includes lunch and pickup from the hotel.

Tamarin waterfalls on your own: how to get there and trekking routes

“The Seven Cascades” are located on Mauritius’s central plateau, near the village of Henrietta, and you can visit them both with a guide and on your own.

If you decide to go on your own, then the easiest way to get to the beginning of the track is by car. I rented a car from Localrent. The site has a detailed review of my driving experience in Mauritius and the driver requirements.

The car can be left at the entrance to the waterfalls of 7 cascades (point on the map).

Self-guided hiking route on wikiloc. There is also a route on maps.me. I usually cache the map in advance and then use it offline.

There are three main routes for tourists who want to get to know the waterfalls and the nature that surrounds them.

  1. The first route leads only to the main cascade and is relatively simple. You can easily walk along it without any special physical training and with a map.
  2. The second route (3 hours, 5 km) covers five cascades and leads to the lake, where streams of water pour out. The path to it runs not only through the forest, but also along the basalt slopes of the gorge, so it is considered more difficult (medium difficulty level), and the help of a guide is already desirable here. However, it can still be done on your own if you have experience and you are confident in your abilities.
  3. The third route (5-6 hours, 8 km) is the most difficult, and on it you will see all the Tamarin cascades. You need to go down and climb along almost sheer slopes, including slippery basalt stones, clinging to the vegetation with your hands. Undertaking it alone is not recommended, and it is suitable only for trained tourists who are in good physical shape.
Trekking to the Tamarin Falls in Mauritius

Photo from https://www.instagram.com/p/B7gfJ3kI77_/

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