The best snorkeling spots in Mauritius to see fish and turtles

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The island of Mauritius is located in the middle of the most beautiful ocean on Earth – the Indian Ocean. The underwater world of the Indian Ocean around Mauritius is very diverse, thanks to its near-perfect water temperature. Corals, fish, algae, anemones, turtles – all this can be seen even from the shore, without diving equipment. I love snorkeling and, in this article, I want to share with you a list of beaches where I enjoyed snorkeling from the shore the most. All photos in this article were taken by me while snorkeling from the shore.

Coral reef at Trou aux Biches Beach

5 beaches for snorkeling in Mauritius, where you can see fish from the shore

All of the beaches listed below are easily accessible by bus or car. You will have to walk from the bus stop to some beaches (for example, Balaclava Beach). Free parking is available near all beaches.

On all these beaches you can see fish right on the shore or just a little bit off the shore.

#1. Flic en Flac – the best beach for snorkeling from the shore

Flic en Flac Beach is without exaggeration the best beach on the island if you want to snorkel off the coast. The reef is literally right next to the shore. If you go knee-deep into the water and lower the camera into the water, you can take photos like these:

Here are my photos of the coral reef and fish at Flic en Flac Beach:

Watch your step! The sand on Flick-n-Flack Beach has a lot of coral pieces, and there are a lot of sea urchins in the water near the shore.

#2. Trou aux Biches – a beach where you can see sea turtles

Trou aux Biches Beach has a beautiful coral reef located a little further from the coast than the one on Flic en Flac Beach. But since there is not much depth near the beach, anyone can dive from the shore. You only need to swim a little further from the shore. This is what the reef at Trou aux Biches looks like:

The snorkeling spot is located on the left side of the beach where boats park. This is a little inconvenient, because you need to be on the lookout when you swim to the reef. They don’t drive over the point where the reef itself is located.

Trou aux Biches is also home of sea turtles. Enterprising Mauritians offer to take you to see the turtles through a glass bottom of a boat for 10-15 Euros. But you can swim there yourself from the shore.

The first time I went there by boat, because the boatman told me that it will take a 20-minute boat ride to get there. It turned out that the turtles don’t live that far from the shore. The second time I swam from the shore to see them.

#3. Blue Bay Beach and Blue Bay Marine Park

Blue Bay Beach is located in Blue Bay Marine Park. This is another place in Mauritius where you can swim with turtles. True, it is better to sail to the turtles by boat, and not swim from the shore due to the strong current.

Be careful! There is a strong current in Blue Bay Marine Park.

The best sea tours for snorkeling

  • Blue Bay Marine Park – the best place for snorkeling on the island. Even turtles live in the marine reserve! You can visit Blue Bay Marine Park on your own by arriving at Blue Bay Beach and renting a boat there, or with an organized one-day tour. More details about what is included in the tour and how much it costs are listed on this page →
  • Gabriel Island – considered the best island next to Mauritius for snorkeling and diving. The coral reef there is especially beautiful. One-day catamaran tour with barbecue lunch. Snorkeling tour schedule and details are on this page →

#4. Balaclava Beach – one of my favorite snorkeling spots

Balaclava Beach is probably my favorite spot in Mauritius for snorkeling from the shore. Here is the most beautiful, diverse and large coral reef with lots of fish and other marine creatures – stars, clams, etc. In addition, Balaclava beach is located near Turtle Bay, where you can also see sea turtles.

Here are some photos I took while snorkeling at Balaclava Beach:

Caution: There is some current on Balaclava beach. It can pull you away.

#5. Pereybere Beach

Pereybere Beach doesn’t have a reef. The reef is located to the right of the beach, where there are rocks and kayak and SUP board rentals. On the other side, there are several rocks with amazingly beautiful carpets of sea anemones. If you swim away from these stones further towards the deeper water (reference point – dark patches on the water), you will see a small reef with flocks of fish.

Here are some of my photos of the underwater world near the Pereybere Beach:

Where to swim with dolphins in Mauritius

In Mauritius, there are several tours on large catamarans or boats offering swimming with dolphins or whale watching:

  • Black River Dolphins — a short 3-hour excursion. It is guaranteed that you will definitely see some dolphins. If you don’t, the second tour will be free for you. Prices starts from 46€ per person.
  • Swimming with dolphins and barbecue – whole day boat trip on a catamaran. Barbecue lunch included.
  • Dolphins + whales — a tour during which you will not just swim with dolphins, but also see whales. The price is 92€ per person.

Is snorkeling in Mauritius dangerous?

No, if you follow the precautions and simple rules. There are just few of them:

  1. Do not touch anything under water with your hands – starfish, corals or passing fish.
  2. Do not try to get shells, pebbles, stars or bottles from the bottom. Some sea creatures live in shells (in bottles too), and starfish can be poisonous.
  3. Enter the water and swim with flippers or rubber slippers and try not to step on sea urchins.

Finally, the answer to the main tourist question: no, there are no sharks in Mauritius, unlike the Seychelles, where sharks swim right up to the shore.

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