What kind of insurance you should choose for a vacation in Mauritius

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Despite the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, the Mauritius Ministry of Health still recommends that all tourists have an insurance policy. In any case, it is better not to neglect travel insurance. Every time I go on a vacation in Mauritius, I buy myself a health insurance policy, and in this article I will share the nuances that should be considered when choosing insurance, and a list of reliable insurance policies that work well in Mauritius in 2024.

Mauritius windsurf insurance

There are many companies offering health insurance for tourists, but which one should you choose? What should you pay attention to? Before my trip to Mauritius, I identified a number of conditions that should be included in an insurance policy and checked out the insurances that are currently on sale. I wrote to customer support and counselors to understand how it really works. Why is it important?

  • For example, one of the dangers of Mauritius – sea urchins. In some insurances, stepping on a sea urchin while snorkeling is a non-insurable event, because swimming in the sea with a mask is considered an extreme sport.
  • Other insurances have a limit on repeated visits to a doctor. I have experience when, after a treatment prescribed by a doctor in Thailand, complications began, and it was necessary to seek help several more times.
  • Some insurances do not cover exacerbation of chronic diseases, which is also important to know. A change in climate, unusual food, hot sun. Who knows how the body will react?
Important to know: kite surfing, wind surfing, surfing and diving are considered to be extreme recreational activities by all insurance companies and are not included in the basic insurance.

So, to cut a long story short, here’s my list of really good and working travel insurance companies in Mauritius.

What kind of insurance should you choose for a vacation in Mauritius? List of reliable insurances in 2024

1. TripInsurance – reliable insurance for your trip to Mauritius and travel in general. I applied for this insurance several times in Thailand, Bali and other countries. The insurance covered everything. Currently, none of the insurers offer coverage of €1 million, only Tripinsurance. For a vacation in Mauritius, this is a very important amount, because prices for treatment in hospitals in Mauritius are rather high. To sum up, this is one of the most profitable and reliable insurance policies for traveling to Mauritius. The official website of TripInsurance →


  • Covers COVID-19
  • Minimum coverage amount (the cheapest policy) – $50,000
  • The amount of basic insurance coverage – $500,000
  • Chronic illness coverage $3,000
  • Motorcycle riding is immediately included in the insurance
  • Unlimited number of return visits to the doctor (usually the insurance pays for the treatment + 2 return visits)
  • Covers Dengue and Malaria
  • Help with animal bites, insect bites and other “pests”
  • Can be issued while abroad (I even bought from Malaysia)
  • Can be contacted via Skype
  • Covers treatment for traffic accidents with the amount of alcohol in the blood allowed in Mauritius for drivers
  • Suitable even if you have a residence permit in the country of travel or stay in the country of travel for more than 4 months in a row (up to a year)
  • There is an application for a free consultation with a doctor 24/7


  • Does not cover sun allergies
  • If you buy abroad, for example, in Dubai or Mauritius, the deductible is 50€

2. Visitors Coverage good insurance with reliable assistance. Prices start from 7$/day. The coverage list is more modest than that of TripInsurance, but it has pluses, too – the opportunity to buy abroad and the opportunity to buy a long-term or annual policy. Good for winterers. You can buy a policy on the official website of Visitors Coverage.


  • Covers COVID-19
  • Can be bought from abroad
  • Provides assistance until the 29th week of pregnancy.
  • Good support


  • For minimum insurance deductible 25%
  • Can be paid only with Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard

Both insurances work with trusted and reliable clinics on the island. In these hospitals, the staff and doctors speak English and if necessary, there are translators for other languages.

Insurance covering windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and diving

As I noted earlier, all types of surfing and diving are considered extreme sports. This category also includes tours on quad bike tours, jet skis, parachuting, horseback riding, rock climbing (there are several peaks in Mauritius that can only be climbed with special equipment and a guide).

In order for the insurance to cover everything, you need to include for an additional package”Active vacation”. In ТripInsurance it looks like this:

Active leisure insurance for Mauritius

How to go to the hospital using insurance

The procedure is as follows:

  1. If something happens (for example – fever, stepping on a sea urchin, toothache, twisted leg), first call the insurance company on the phone number listed in the policy and send them an email. I usually call via Skype or Viber, it’s cheaper then calling from abroad.
  2. Describe to the operator in detail what happened, what hurts. So, you will be sent to the hospital to the right doctor faster and more accurately or an ambulance will be sent for you.
  3. The hospital staff will help you in the hospital. If there is no deductible in your policy, you will not pay for anything.

How much does travel insurance for a vacation in Mauritius cost?

The price of travel insurance in Mauritius starts from 10€ per week for one adult or 20€ with active leisure included.

Health insurance for children in Mauritius is slightly more expensive, depending on the age of the child. Insurance in Mauritius for children under 3 years old costs from 12€ per week. Children from 3 to 18 are insured at a price of 10€ per week.

If you are going to Mauritius with children, I advise you to enable the “Liability Insurance” option: if your child accidentally breaks/destroys someone else’s property, and the owner sues, the insurance company will pay for it.

Choose insurance for a vacation on Mauritus

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